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The loss of scalp hair (baldness) or body hair. (caused by chemotherapeutic agents and radiation of the head)
As-needed (PRN) care
Provision of hygienic care as required by the client.
A stroking massage technique.
Abnormal hairiness, particularly in women.
infestation head with lice
Sulcular technique
A technique of brushing the teeth under the gingival margins.
Closed bed
An unoccupied bed with the top covers drawn up to the top of the bed under the pillow.
A method of folding the bed-clothes at the corners to secure them in place while the bed is occupied.
Open bed
A bed not presently being used by its occupant, with the top covers folded back.
Reverse Trendelenburg's position
A position with the head of the bed raised and the foot lowered, while the bed foundation remains unbroken.
Surgical bed (anesthetic, recovery, or postoperative bed)
A bed with the top covers fanfolded to one side or to the end of the bed.
Trendelenburg's position
The client is supine on a surface inclined 45 degrees, with the head at the lower end.