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Name the 6 obj cats w/i the Ship's 3-M system
What system provides a standardized method of planning, scheduling and accomplishing preventive maintenance
The Planned Maintenance System(PMS)
Where can u find information for PMS Schedule Holders, Schedules, MRC Card Holders and varios 3-M OPMANV forms
Appendiz E of OPNAVINST 4790.4C
who is the ship's system manager responsible to the CO for the overall management of the ship's 3-M system
Who acts as the final review officer for maintenance responsibility shift between departments
What are group supervisors
CPO who are responsible for two or more work centers
At what level is maintenance performed under the PMS
at the organizational or intermidate level
Who reviews, approves weekly schedules to ensure they follow the quartly schedule
Div Officer
Who ensures that the quarterly schedules are updated weekly
Div Officer
Which diretive prevails when a difference exists between the requirements of PMS and other technical pubs
PMS requirements will prevail
What number is used to identify each MRC listed on a MIP
the SYSCOM MRC Control Number
What does the underlining of the first 2 digits of the SYSCOM MRC Control Number indicate
it is iused to indicate new or revised MRCs
What is the purpose of the periodicity code
it delineates how frequently the maintenance requreiement must be performed
Where are maintenance procedures contained
on cards called Maintenance Requirements Cards
Whar info provided of MRC
who, what, when, how, and with what resources' associated with a specific maintenance requirementand configuration
where would u find preparation instructions and examples for MDS forms
Appendix B of OPNAVINST 4790.4C
What is the purpose of the OPNAV 4790/2K
It is a ship's maintenance Action Form used to report deferred maintenance actions and completion of the actions`
What is the purpose of the OPNAV 4790/2L
Supplementail Form used to provide amplyfying info such as drawing, related to a maintenance action reported on OPNAV 4790/2K
What instruction contains the Ships Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) Manual