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sen (spring)

white, water = spring
gen (meadow)

cliff, spring = meadow
gan (petition)

meadow, head (page) = petition
ei (swim)

water, eternity = swim
shoo (marsh)

water, seduce = marsh
chuu (open sea)

water, middle (in) = open-sea
e (creek)

water, craft = creek
juu (soup)

water, ten = soup
choo (tide)

water, morning = tide
gen (source)

water, meadow = source
katsu (lively)

water, tongue = lively
shoo (extinguish)

water, candle (resemble) = extinguish
kyoo (but of course)

water, older brother = but of course
ka (river)

water, can = river-ka
haku (overnight)

water, white = overnight
ko (lake)

water, old, flesh = lake
soku (fathom)

water, rule = fathom
do (soil)
to (spit)

mouth, soil = spit
atsu (pressure)

cliff, soil = pressure
saki (cape)

soil, strange = cape
kaki (hedge)

soil, span = hedge
kei (square jewel)

soil, soil = square-jewel (ivy)
fuu (seal)

square jewel (ivy), measurement (glue) = seal
gai (horizon)

water, cliff, ivy (square jewel) = horizon
ji (Buddhist temple)

soil, glue (measurement) = Buddhist temple
ji (time)

day, Buddhist temple = time
kin (level)

soil, (ladle with extra drop) = level
ka (fire)
en (inflammation)

fire, fire = inflamation
han (anxiety)

fire, head (page) = anxiety
tan (thin)

water, inflamation = thin
too (lamp)

fire, street = lamp
hata (farm)

fire, rice-field = farm
sai (disaster)

flood, fire = disaster
kai (ashes)

cliff-fire = ashes
ten (spot)

fortune teller, fire = spot
shoo (illuminate)

shining, fire = illuminate
gyo (fish)

bound up, rice-field, oven fire = fish
gyo (fishing)

water, fish = fishing
ri (2.5 miles)

rice fields, soil = ri (computer)
koku (black)

ri (computer), oven fire = black
boku (black ink)

black, soil = black ink
koi (carp)

fish, ri (computer) = carp
ryoo (quantity)

nightbreak, ri (computer) = quantity
rin (.001 yen)

cliff, ri (computer) = rin
mai (bury)

soil, ri (computer)= bury
doo (same)

hood, one, mouth = same
doo (den)

water, same = (animal's) den
doo (trunk)

moon (flesh), same = (body's) trunk
koo (yonder)

drop, hood, mouth = yonder
shoo (esteem)

small, hood, mouth = esteem
ji (character)

house, child = character
shu (guard)

house, glue (measurement) = guard
kan (perfect)

house, beginnings = perfect
sen (proclaim)

house, span = proclaim
shoo (wee hours)

house, resemble (candle) = wee hours
an (relax)

house, woman = relax
en (banquet)

house, day, woman = banquet
ki (draw near)

house, strange = draw near

house, (wealth) = wealth-fu
cho (savings)

shellfish, house, street = savings
moku (tree)
rin (grove)
shin (forest)
kei (Japanese Judas-tree)

tree, square jewel (ivy)= Japanese Judas tree