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ICA in general supplies:
-Most of cerebral hemispheres
Which large pre-cortical arteries stem from ICA?
What are the 4 segments of ICA prior to branching into ACA/MCA?
1. Cervical segment
2. Petrous segment
3. Cavernous segment
4. Supraclinoid segment
The cervical segment arises from?
The bifurcation of the common carotid into internal/external carotids.
What is the Petrous segment?
ICA as it courses thru the temporal bone.
How does the Petrous segment get into the brain?
By passing thru Foramen lacerum
What is the Cavernous segment?
ICA in the cavernous sinus
What is the Supraclinoid segment?
ICA after piercing the DURA - gives 3 main branches
3 main branches of the Supraclinoid segment:
1. Opthalmic artery
2. Posterior communicating artery
3. Anterior choroidal artery
2 Important things to note about the Ophthalmic Artery:
-Feeds eye and optic nerve
-Anastomoses w/ External carotid artery
Important thing to remember about PCOM:
It is an important anastomosis between ICA and posterior circulation (vertebrals)
Anterior Choroidal Artery supplies:
-Optic tract
-Part of lat geniculate nucleus
-Posterior limb of int. capsule
-Anterior hippocampus
Lateral geniculate nucleus
visual pathway
Posterior limb of internal capsule
motor pathway
Anterior hippocampus
long term memory
Blockage of the anterior choroidal artery would result in:
-Visual symptoms
-Paralysis on opposite side of body
-Long term Memory loss
What could happen if ICA was blocked?
Could still get blood from Vertebrals and ECA via Opthalmic and PCOM.
Major structures supplied by MCA:
-Basal ganglia
-Lateral hemisphere
3 divisions of MCA:
1. M1 Stem
2. Upper division (anterior)
3. Lower division (posterior)
Course of M1 MCA stem:
Moves laterally ventral to the basal ganglia, exits via the Anterior area of the Lateral Sylvian fissure
Branches of MCA stem:
Lenticulostriate arteries
What type of arteries are the Lenticulostriate?
Precortical perforating arterioles - b/c MCA hadn't gotten to the cortex yet.
2 Structures supplied by the Lenticulostriate arteries:
-Basal ganglia
-Anterior internal capsule
What are the Basal Ganglia?
(3 components)
-Caudate nucleus
-Globus pallidus
Upper division of MCA supplies:
(4 areas)
-Lateral frontal lobe
-Primary sensorimotor cortex
-Anterior parietal lobe
Lower division of MCA supplies:
-Superior/lateral Temporal lobe
-Posterior parietal lobe
-Lateral occipital lobe
What do distal portions of the Upper and Lower divisions of MCA anastamose with?
Upper - ACA
Lower - PCA
What symptoms might arise in an Upper division infarct?
-Sensorimotor on opposite side
-speach problems (insula/ wernicke's area)
General area supplied by ACA:
Medial hemisphere
3 Branches of ACA:
-ACA stem (A1)
2 Branches of ACA stem:
What do the Lenticulostriates from ACA feed?
-Head of caudate
-Anterior limb of internal capsule
So what feeds the Posterior Internal Capsule?
Anterior choroidal artery (off supraclinoid segment of ICA)
What feeds the Anterior limb of internal capsule?
-MCA lenticulostriates
-ACA lenticulostriates
3 structures supplied by Pericallosal artery:
-Cingulate gyrus
-Corpus callosum
-Medial sensorimotor cortex
What does the Callosomarginal artery supply?
medial aspect of frontal lobe