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Construction classes are based on ___ and ___?
Type of Materials and Fire Resistance Rating
Name 5 types of Building Construction?
I. Fire Resistive, II. Noncombustible, Limited Combustible, III. Ordinary, IV. Heavy Timber, V. Wood Frame
Describe Type I Construction?
Fire Resistive, Structural Members made of non- or limited combustible material, Fire resistive compartmentation
What is Type I Primary Fire Hazard?
Describe Type II Construction?
Non- or Limited Combustible, Fire resistive rating on all parts of structure, Limited use of nonfire resistive material
What is Type II Primary Fire Hazard?
Contents and Roof
Describe Type III Construction?
Ordinary, Exterior Walls and Members are Non- or Limited Combustible, Interior Structure Members are Wood
What is Type III Primary Fire Hazard?
Concealed Spaces
Describe Type IV Construction?
Heavy Timber, Walls are Non- or Limited Combustible, Other Interior Members are Wood
What is Type IV Primary Fire Hazard?
Massive Timbers
Describe Type V Construction?
Wood Frame, Single Family Residence
What is Type V Primary Fire Hazard?
What is Fire Load?
Maximum heat that can be produced if all combustilbe material in given area burns
What are 2 factors that determine reaction of wood to fire?
Size and Moisture Content of Wood
What is a Party Wall?
Supports 2 adjacent structures (load bearing)
What is a Partition Wall?
Divides 2 areas within a structure (nonload bearing)
What is a Cantilever Wall?
Freestanding Fire Wall
What is a Veneer Wall?
Decorative brick or stone attached to outside of load bearing frame
What is Gypsum?
High Water Content Material that provides excellent heat resistance
What is a Roof Covering?
Final Outside Layer of Roof; Example: Wood Shake Shingles
What are indicators of Collapse?
Cracks, Existing Signs, Loose or Falling Brick, Deteriorated Mortar, Leaning Walls, Distorted Structural Members, Heavy Loads, Prolonged Exposure, Noises
What are determining factors in time until Collapse?
Fire Severity, Type of Construction, Weight of Contents, Condition of Building
What are 2 firefighting operations that increase risk of collapse?
Improper Vertical Ventilation and Water Weight
What are 2 safety precautions to take when collapse is possible?
Evacuate and Establish Collapse Zone
What is a steel truss's fail temperature?
How does steel react to heat?
It elongates