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what is the only bony attachement between the upper extremity and the trunk?
the sternoclavicular joint

-a synovial joiint with an articular disc between the clavicle and sternum, surrounded by a fibrous capsule; infections here are uncommon, but those that occur are due to IV drug abuse
at what vertebral level does the common carotid artery split?
C3-C4 level (in the vicinity of the mandible
carotid aa vs. vertebral arteries: which has greater % of blood supply to brain?
carotid aa: 2/3
vertebral aa: 1/3
name the branches of the internal carotid a. in the neck

it goes straight up to the brain
name the branches of the external carotid a. in the neck
Some Aggie Love Football On Pretty Saturday Mornings
Superior thyroid
Ascending laryngeal
Posterior Auricular
Superficial Temporal
What are contained in the carotid sheath?
Internal and common carotid aa.
Internal jugular v.
Vagus n. (X)
what is the primary drainage of the brain?
the internal jugular v.

-begins at jugular fossa and descends LATERALLY along the carotid artery
-often used as a IV site when peripheral veins are unavailable
what is the path of blood after the internal jugular v?
IJV --> joins with subclavian to become brachiocephalic v --> SVC
Is the cervical plexus composed of dorsal or ventral rami?
ventral rami (C1-C4)
cutaneous nn of the neck come from loops between what spinal nn's?

motor or sensory?

what do they supply (mm's)?
C2-C3 & C3-C4


1) strap mm of anterior cervical triangle, 2) geniohyoid of tongue, 3) twigs to trapezius, levator scapulae, and middle scalene mm.
what is the name of the large loop formed by the cervical plex loops?
ansa cervicalis

has inferior root coming from spinal nerves and superior part ascending to run next to hypoglossal n. for a short time
The internal carotid artery has a bulb containing a sinus and a body at the base of its bifurcation off of the common carotid.
Which is a chemoreceptor, and which is a baroreceptor?
The carotid sinus is an outpouching of the internal carotid artery at the base. It contains baroreceptors (bp).
The carotid body is actually between the internal and external carotid aa's and contains chemoreceptors(ppO2 & etc)
muscles of the root of the neck (3)

scalenus anterior, medius, and posterior mm.
O: transverse processes of adjacent vertebrae
I: s. ant- scalene tubercule of 1st rib
s. medius- 1st rib
s. post- 2nd rib
A: to elevate ribs during respiration; bilaterally stabilize neck
N: twigs from adjacent cervical nerves
what comes out between the anterior and middle scalene mm's that is very important for orientation?
the upper roots of the brachial plexus
where do left and right subclavian aa's branch from?

where do they terminate?
right - off of brachiocephalic trunk
left - off of aortic arch

runs posterior to anterior scalene m. and terminates at the lateral border of 1st rib --> axillary a.
how do we divide the subclavian a.?
3 divisions:
medial to anterior scalene m.
posterior to anterior scalene m.
lateral to anterior scalene m.
the thoracic duct on the left, and the lymphatic duct on the right can be found anterior to the subclavian a. at the ________________ angle
jugulosubclavian angle
______ _______ loops around the subclavian a. and joins the middle and inferior cervical trunks of the sympathetic chain
ansa subclavia
In addition to proximity of the ansa subclavia and thoracic/lymphatic ducts, the 1st part of the subclavian has these 3 branches:
-vertebral a.
-thyrocervical trunk with 3 branches:
1. transverse cervical a., 2. suprascapular a., 3. inferior thyroid a.
-internal thoracic a.
the thyrocervical trunk off of the 1st part of the subclavian a. has these 3 branches:
1) transverse cervical a. (w/ superficial branch to trapezius and deep branch to rhomboideus m.)
2) suprascapular a. (over lig.)
3) internal thyroid a. (lower thyroid gland, superior comes off of external carotid a.) & has ascending cervical branch
the 2nd part of the subclavian a. (posterior to the anterior scalene m) has 1 branch that branches into 2
the branch off of the 2nd part of the subclavian a. is the costocervical trunk with these branches:
1) deep cervical a.
2) highest intercostal a.
the parietal pleura from chest cavity that extends in to the neck to become cervical pleura is called ________
the cupula of the pleura

the first and 2nd parts of the subclavian a. sit on this cupula
name the branches on the 3rd part of the the subclavian a., lateral to the anterior scalene m.,
usually there are NONE, but sometimes the occipital suprascapular, descending scapular, and dorsal scapular aa. may be found here,
what two arteries pin down the phrenic nerve as it travels along the surface of the anterior scalene m?
transverse cervical and suprascapular aa.(from thyrocervical trunk)
what artery usually parallels the phrenic n.?
the acsending cervical a. (from the inferior thyroid a. from the thyrocervical trunk)
the vagus n. (X) and sympathetic trunk usually lie medial to the _________ n. (C3-C5)
the recurrent laryengeal n. branches from of what nerve, and what does it loop under on the right side? the left side? what does it supply?
-branch of the vagus n (X) that passes anteriorly to subclavian a.
-on left side, it loops under aortic arch
-on right side, it loops under brachiocephalic trunk/subclavian a.
-it supplies the intrinsic mm of the larynx except the cricothyroid
the sympathetic chain in the head is fused together into 3 ganglia (instead of 8), name the ganglia and their location.
Superior cervical ganglon: at top of chain
Middle cervical ganglion: near vertebral a. at about C6
Inferior cervical ganglion: near vertebral a. at level of first ribl sometimes fused with the first thoracic ganglion.
the _________ __________ connects the middle and inferior cervical ganglia
the ansa subclavia
if the inferior cervical and 1st thoracic ganglia fuse, it is called...
a STELLATE ganglion
a pancoast tumor is a tumor at the ____ __ ___ ____. It causes _____________ syndrome.
pancoast tumor @ apex of the lung

causes Horner's Syndrome with the loss of sympathetic supply to the head; the pupil becomes constricted and the eyelid is droopy
the thyroid is inferior to the thyroid cartilage and has 2 lobes connected by an isthmus; sometimes a pyramidal lobe is present. Identify the arterial (3 aa's) and venous supply (3 vv's) to the thyroid.
aa: 1. Superior thyroid (from external carotid a.), 2. Inferior thyroid a. (from thyrocervical trunk, from subclavian a.), 3. thyroid ima a. (from aorta; only present in 10%)

1) superior thyroid v. (drains into internal jugular v.), 2) middle thyroid v. (drains into internal jugular v.), 3) inferior thyroid v. (drains into the brachiocephalic v.)
where are the parathyroids located, and what are they involved in?
parathyroids are on posterior aspect of thyroid and are involved in Ca2+ absorption