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How does IIS manage a page request?
1. IIS verifies type of resource.
2. If html for instance, it accesses the file and flushes it to the output stream
3. Resources that require a runtime environment are passed to the registered module handle, IIS 5.0 aspnet_wp.exe or IIS 6.0 w3pwp.exe
How is the page object created?
1. ASP.NET HTTPRuntime determines the name of the class
2. If the class does not already exist in the AppDomain, HTTPRuntime creates and compiles the class
3. It loads the class into memory
4. When another request comes for the same class, it is retrieved from memory
What is a partial class?
source code split over multiple source files
What are the different categories of properties of the Page class
Intrinsic Objects, Worker Properties, Context Properties
What are the different types of methods of the Page class
Rendering,Controls-related, Script-Related,
What is the Page Life Cycle
PreInit, Init, InitComplete, LoadViewState,LoadPostData,
SaveStateComplete, Unload