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The Major Nerves of the Perineal Structures and what does it mean?
Pudendal nerves - "ashamed"
Perineum lies in the __A__ and is the most __B__ of the pelvis
A. pelvic outlet
B. inferior
Anterior/Posterior/Lateral bony borders of pelvic outlet
Anterior - pubic symphysis
Posterior - coccyx/inf. part of sacrum
Lateral - ischial tuberosity & inf. part of ischial ramus
Perineum is a __A__-shaped area between __B__ when you are on your __C__ with legs __D__
A. diamond
B. thighs
C. back
D. abducted
Perineum is separated superiorly from the pelvis by ____.
Pelvic Diaphragm
Floor of the pelvis is made up of what muscles?
Coccygeal and Levator Ani
Anterior/Posterior/Lateral borders of pelvic outlet
Anterior - pubic symphysis
Posterior - sacrotuberous ligament
Lateral - ischial tuberosities
If we draw a line across ischial tuberosities, we will see __A__ anteriorly and __B__ posteriorly
A. urogenital triangle
B. anal triangle
Urogenital triangle contains __A__. Anal triangle contains __B__.
A. external genitalia
B. anus and anal orifice
What is the point right in the middle of the urogenital/anal triangle? What is it made of?
Perineal Body (central tendon of perineum)/fibromuscular
During childbirth, the __A__ is pushed against the pubic symphysis anteriorly and __B__ is pushed posteriorly.
A. urethra
B. anal orifice
What is a tear of the perineal body that can weaken the support of the pelvic structure? What will this cause later on? What is being done now to not damage the perineal body (central tendon)?
-Lateral episiotomy
What is the difference between male and female genitalia developing in first 10 weeks?
What is homologous to the labia majorum in males?
scrotal sack
What is in the superficial perineal pouch in males/females?
Females: labia majora/minor, clitoris, openings of vagina/urethra
Male: scrotal sac, penis, crus of penis (attached part of corpus cavernosum), bulb of penis (attached part of corpus spongiosum), glans penis, perineal body
What reinforces the urogenital triangle and is important in muscle attachment?
Perineal body
What is the most superficial layer of the superficial perineal pouch? Deep to that? What is Colle's fascia continuous with laterally as you extend around anterior ab. wall?
-fatty layer
-superficial perineal fascia (colle's fascia)
-Scarpa's fascia
What is the part of the urethra that passes through the deep perineal pouch? What passes out externally?
-Membranous urethra
-Spongy urethra
Which perineal pouch is larger, superficial/deep? What does it contain? What is lateral to it?
-membranous urethra, bulbourethral gland, muscle at midline, external urethral sphincter
-deep transverse perineal muscle
Why is location of external urethral sphincter important?
Because during radical prostatectomy, doctors need to spare this sphincter or patient will be incontinent
What is anatomical position of penis? What side is the most anterior part of penis?
-dorsal side
What does the superficial transverse perineal muscle attach to?
-bulb of penis & lateral to ramus of ischium
What is the deep membranous fascia of the superficial perineal pouch?
Colle's Fascia
What covers the crus of corpus cavernosum? What covers the bulb of the penis?
-Ischiocavernosus muscle
-Bulbospongiosus muscle
In males or females do the fibers of the bulbospongiosus cross to other side? What does it do in this sex?
-Impedes blood flow to penis to help with erection