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Enlisted Air Force specialty qualifications are listed in which Air Force Manual?
AFMAN 36-2108, Enlisted Classification
In order to qualify for assignment under the wholesale logistics program, program nominees must meet all of the following:
-Have a 2S071 control AFSC
-Posess the rank of TSgt or MSgt
-Have less than 15 yrs TIS
-Be eligible to PCS
-have completed one overseas tour
-Have SECRET clearance and eligible to obtain TOP SECRET
-Have no quality control restrictions
-Be recommended by squadron commander
Which releveling flag is used on a requirements computation inquiry to provide a summary of information about a given stock number?
Which program takes control of Supply computer processing when an error is detected during processing of a transaction?
When you receive a reject because of processing a transaction, what should you do?
first insure you have input the data correctly
What is the name of the process that removes erroneous data from the SBSS database?
What freeze codes will allow a RVP input to process?
"Q", "I", and "C"
How many inputs can you process at one time using the automated reverse-post program?
What do you do with the pre-filled data on an automated reverse-post input?
Screen for accuracy and input it
Which type of SIFS files gives users the capability to re-direct specified transaction identification codes or program output to a file of their choice?
Which type of SIFS files is designed to ensure any inbound or outbound images that could not be identified or dispatched are cleared in a timely manner?
SIFS residue images are considered delinquent after how many hours?
Which system is an AFMC advanced automated computer system designed to help monitor, manage, and improve weapon system support?
What are the Weapon System Management Information System access levels?
HQ AFMC functional manager, MAJCOM primary POC, and MAJCOM alternate POC
Which SBLC control statement removes undesired or deleted elements in the specified files and rewrites each file?
The control statement on the SBLC that causes accounting routines to be called and all facilities assigned to the run to be released is:
On the SBLC, which control statement provides a means of inserting images into a runstream from any file currently assigned to the user?
Which SBLC control statement helps manage the disk space and ensures that the space is used efficiently and effectively?
Which control statement changes the keys and modes of cataloged mass storage files and changes element and version names in a program file?
On the SBLC system, what gangs are used for processing online transactions?
1, 2, 3, and 4
The monthly forecast is prepared and distributed by what day of the month?
What are the basic types of schedules within the RPS Operations schedule?
Monthly Forecast, Daily Operations schedule, and the RPS Operations schedule
What gang must be used by an SBSS account if gang two is used as its primary data?
By which workday of the month does the automated data systems (ADS) scheduler prepare and distribute a forecast of all known SBSS jobs to be run the following month?
A catagory III difficulty report does not stop processing and is corrected:
in the next scheduled release
What are the basic ground rules for conducting a surveillance visit to an accountable officer function?
*Check in and out with the flight chief
*Do not bypass the supervisor of the area
*Have a flight chief or the supervisor of the area with you
*Obtain confidence
*Prepare a written report if necessary
Where do you start your research before you conduct a surveillance visit of a function?
Directives that apply to the function
If you find deficiencies during a surveillance visit to a function, you must furnish a detailed written report to the flight chief within:
5 workdays after the exit briefing
A function that receives a surveillance visit report must send a reply within how many days of the date on the surveillance report?
Who is the primary POC for special topics or subjects designated by the accountable officer?
Who does the final review of all proposed changes and suggestions before submission to higher headquarters?
Accountable Officer
What analysis method do you use most often to satisfy a one-time requirement or solve a specific problem?
Special studies
A basic ingredient of any analysis program is:
reliable and valid data
You should request "as required" computer products by using the:
AF Form 2011, Base Supply ADPE Work Request
Management indicators can take what type of forms?
Quantitative or qualitative
What management indicators measure how well the supply system is responding to urgent requests by customers?
Priority support
The Air Force SMAG is designed to operate on what basis?
What type of items are financed from the SMAG appropriations?
Which type of SMAG has assets at both retail and wholesale level?
The Material Support Division is responsible for what type of expense items?
Base funded
How is a decision normally made on whether to give a customer a refund for the turn-in of property?
Automatically under the SBSS program control
What credit code do you use to override program control and allow full credit for a SMAG item, regardless of stock position?
Who must approve the use of credit code "Y" in the SBSS program control before processing a stock fund turn-in?
SMAG manager
Experience and standards data are factors used in which type of analysis?