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The Downtown
Le centre-ville
the deli
la charcuterie
the coast
la côte
the sea
la mer
the beach
la plage
the earth/land/ground
la terre
the riverbank
la rive
the countryside
la campagne
the mountain/mountain range
la montagne
the train station
la gare
the book store
la librairie
the swimming pool
la piscine
the small grocery store
the bakery
la boulangerie
the factory
the city square
la place
the smoke shop
le tabac
the village
le village
the river
le fleuve
the sand
le sable
the boat
le bateau
the bridge
le pont
the sky
le ciel
the intersection
le carrefour
square (carré) with four corners
the cemetary
le cimetière
the seashore
le bord de la mer
the police station
le comissariat
the castle
le chateau
the train
le train
the bus
le bus
the taxi
le taxi
the bike
le velo
the subway
le Mètro
the garage
le garage
the stamp
le timbre
the airplane
the flight/theft
le vol
the airport
the drycleaners
le pressing
the stadium
le stade
the city hall
l'hôtel de ville