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What are noble gases?
-gases at room temperature
-unreactive with other subshells
-fills p subshells except for He, fills s shell
What are Represenative Elements?
Certain electrons in the S and P subshells
S:groups 1 and 2
P:groups 13,14,15,16,and 17
What are Transition Elements?
certain elements in d subshells
What are Inner-transition Elements?
certain electrons in f subshell
What are properties of metal?
-High thermal conductivity
-High electrical conductivity
-Ductile and Malleable
-Metallic Luster
-Has physical properties
What are properties of Nonmetals?
-Low thermal conductivity
-Low electrical conductivity
-Powdery soids or gases
What are metalloids?
Elements found in between the metals and nonmetals. Has the same properties as metals or nonmetals
What is Ionization Energy?
the energy required to remove one electron from a neutral atom