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What is balanced energy?
Ability to say yes/no to each other.

Prevents domination.
An affair represents what?
What is the difference in excitatory processes between men and women?
Men = much faster peak

Women = slow, plateau'd rise
What is good process?
Being sensitive to one another, not narcissitic or dominant.
What is a more correlated dynamic? mother - daughter or mother - son?
Mother - son. Son is likely to choose either women LIKE her mom, or OPPOSITE of mom.

Mom is reference point.
What are the TWO most important keys in obtaining intimacy?
EMPATHY and non-sexual TOUCH.
What is the primary difference between secondary and primary impotence?
Primary is physiological. Secondary impotence is more psychological.

Anxiety is the #1 cause of secondary impotence.

You can differentiate between primary and secondary impotence at a sleep lab. Normal to have erections during REM sleep...if not erections, then likely more PRIMARY IMPOTENCE.
What does the sexual predator look for?
Looks for the most vulnerable women who will keep their mouths shut.