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Extrinsic muscles of the back:
-Categories with function
-superficial (upper limb mvt), intermediate (rib mvt/respiration)
-anterior rami of spinal nerves
Intrinsic muscles of the back:
-Categories with function
-deep (maintain vertebral posture, aid in mvt of vertebral column)
-dorsal rami
Deep back muscle vasculature
dorsal branch of posterior intercostal arteries (which branches from aorta)
-splenius capitus and cervicus
-O: spinal processes
-I: transverse processes
-most superficial group of muscles of the deep back muscle group
erector spinae
-iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis
-intermediate group of muscles of the deep back muscle group
-rotatares, multifidis, semispinalis
-O: transverse processes
-I: spinous processes
-deep group of muscles of the deep back muscle group
-interspinous, intertransversarii, levatores costarum
-deepest group of muscles of the deep back muscle group
Erector spinae muscle actions
-bilaterally: extend vertebral column and head
-unilaterally: lateral flexion
-during flexion: eccentric contraction
Where does the semispinalis capitis insert?
superior nuchal line of skull
Semispinalis fibers span how many spinal segments?
action of rotatares muscles
contralateral rotation
What intrinsic muscles of the back are not NN by dorsal rami?
lateral parts of intertransversari muscles. These are innervated by ventral rami of spinal nerves
Thoracolumbar fascia:
-its 3 layers
-muscles it covers
-anterior, middle, posterior
-erector spinae is covered by posterior layer; quadratus lomborum is covered by anterior layer
thoracolumbar fascia envelops what category of back muscles?
Suboccipital triangle:
Superiomedially – Rectus capitis posterior major
Superiolaterally – Superior oblique
Inferiolaterally – Inferior oblique
-Floor: postior aspect of atlanto-occiptal membrane, posterior arch of C1
-Roof: semispinalis capitis
-Contents: vertebral a., suboccipital nerve (dorsal ramus of C1)