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Homogenous ANA pattern is highly suggestive of:
Which antibodies cause a positive homogenous pattern?
Antigens detected in a homogenous pattern are:
dsDNA, ssDNA, nDNA, DNA, and
Rim ANA pattern is highly suggestive of:
Which antibodies cause a RIM pattern?
Which cells exhibit the rim pattern, mitotic or non?
Antigens detected in a rim pattern are:
same as in homogenous; dsDNA, ssDNA, nDNA, DNA, and histone.
What is the most common ANA pattern?
What are high titers of speckled ANA cells suggestive of?
SLE, Scleroderma, Sjogren's, and MCTD.
Antigens detected in a SPECKLED pattern are:
Sm, RNP, Scl-70, and SS-B.
What is the least common ANA pattern?
How do nucleolar cells look?
Mitotic - negative
Nonmitotic - only nucleoli flouresce.
A high titer of nucleolar staining is suggestive of:
Antigens detected in a NUCLEOLAR pattern are:
4-6s and RNA
After getting a pos ANA of a particular pattern, what is the next step?
Do specific testing based on which pattern is observed.
What patterns could be observed for SLE?
-Homogenous (most likely)
-Rim (likely)
what are specific tests for SLE?
1. Anti-native DNA (dsDNA)
2. Anti-Sm
3. Anti-RNP
What methodology can be used for all specific autoab testing?
What additional methods can be used for SLE-spcf testing?
What is a specific test for MCTD?
Anti-RNP in HIGH titers.

Methods are IDA, Elisa/EIA.
What are specific tests for Sjogren's Syndrome?
1. Anti-SS-A
2. Anti-SS-B
-IDA, Elisa/EIA
What is a specific test for drug-induced SLE?
Anti-histone by IDA/ELISA/EIA.
What is a specific test for Scleroderma?
Anti-Scl-70 by IDA/Elisa/EIA.
What test is specific for Myositis?
Anti-Jo-1 by IDA/Elisa/EIA.
What test is specific for RA?
Rheumatoid FACTOR (rf) by Latex agglutination, Nephelometry, and Elisa/EIA of course.
What isotype antibody is RF?
Usually IgM (but can be IgG)
What is the RF antibody against?
Anti-Fc portion of IgG/