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Innervation of external nose?
Supratrochlear & infratochlear
External nasal nerve (dorsum of nose)
blood supply of external nose?
Ophthalmic : dorsal nasal artery
Facial: septal branches & angular artery
Ant. ethod - external nasal (can't see)
what forms the floor of each nasal cavity?
palatine process of maxilla
horizontal plate of palatine bone
nerves in nasal cavity?
olfactory (at the top)
internal nasal nerve (from anter ethmoidal)
nasopalatine & medial posterior superior nerves from pterygopalatine gang.
blood supply to nasal cavity?
anterior/post. ethmoidal arteries
septal branches of facial artery
septal branches of sphenopalatine artery (from maxillary artery)
terminal branch of greater palatine artery

all make Kiesselbach's plexus
components of superior meatus?
opening of posterior ethoidal cells
contents of middle meatus?
unicate process
hiatus semilunaralis - maxilllary sinus
ethmoidal bulla - middle ethmoidal cells
ethmoidal infundibulum - receives frontal sinus
inferior meatus?
nasolacrimal duct
what separates ethmoid air cells from orbit?
orbital plate of ethmoid bone
infection of what can easily reach eye?
tooth infection and easily reach?
maxillary sinus
branches of V2?
meningeal branch
zygomatic nerve
posterior superior alveolar
6 branches from pterygopalatine ganglion?
greater palatine
lesser palatine
posterior inferior nasal branches
posterior superior nasal
pharyngeal nerve
what passes through sphenopalatine foramen?
posterior superior & nasopalatine nerve