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Tin Pan Alley
NYC centered publishers and songwriters of popular music in late 19th c to early 20th c
Minstrelsy vs. Follies
minstrelsy: Racy/saucy

Follies (broadway): spectacle, huge sets, Ziegfield girl, roadway stories don't make sense
professional talent show

no story also
Showboat: racial prejudice & tragic ending

Showboat: "After the Ball" written by Hammerstein
revue (bunch of random songs)

book musical (some kinda story)

integrated musical (songs propel story forward) e..g Showboat
Benjamin Britten (1913-1976): English opera
revived English Opera (so far only Purcell)

based on great British literary works: Billy Budd <-> Nathan Gunn
Britten: Aim
increase national literacy & awareness

create distance from avant garde
Britten and Pears
Peter Pears = Britten's partner + tenor singer

wrote much stuff for Pears
Britten: War Requiem (oratorio)
vocal pacifist: not admired for this

commissioned to write for reconsecration of cathedral

oratorio -> IN ENGLISH


Wilfred Owen's poem intersped in

- full orch + solo soprano,
- chamber ensemble w solo tenor/bass
- organ w voice choir
Krysztof Pendeveski (1933): Threnody for victims of Hiroshima
originally titled: 8min 26s
- marketing trick <-> ref to John Cage

Threnody - poem for mourning