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-able (-ible)
capable of being

EX: allowable
act of

-al (-ial)
have the nature of

(-n, -ian)
relating to

EX: Librarian
state of being

EX: Brilliance
person or things that act

EX: Defendant
of or pertaining to

EX: Alimentary
cause to be

EX: Activate
state of quality of being

EX: Congruence
one who

EX: Recipient
relating to

EX: Beater
Having much, Full of

EX: Colorful
-ic (-etic)
Pertaining to, resembling

EX: Heroic
of, like, pertaining to

EX: Comical
ion (-tion, -ation)
Act of, state or condition

EX: Affirmation
Having the nature of

EX: Dragonish
-ity (-ty)
quality, state, or condition of being

EX: Adaptability
-ive (-ative, -itive)
Tending or disposed to

EX: Meditative
Without, having no

EX: Aimless
State of being, act of

EX: Excitement
Quality, state or condition of being

EX: Fairness
Person or thing that does

EX: Conqueror
-ous (-eous, -ious)
Having, abounding in

EX: Courageous
Pertaining to, causing

EX: Foamy
-s (-es)
Plural (More than one)

EX: Dogs, Bushes
Past tense verb (already done)

EX: Rushed
Present tense verb (Doing it right now)

EX: Running
Characteristic of

EX: Happily
Made of

EX: Strengthen
Comparing quantities

EX: Longest