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peremptory : adj
having the nature of a command in that it does not allow discussion, contradiction, or refusal

Syn: binding, obligatory, mandatory, prescriptive categorical unconditional positive emphatic concerted despotic tyrannical high-handed

Ant: tentative contingent provisional irresolute indecisive hesitant mild unassuming diffident
Perjure : verb
To lie deliberately while under oath to tell the truth

Syn: bear false witness, give false testimony, forswear, prevaricate
Permeate : verb
to spread through: to penetrate.

Syn: pervade, infiltrate, diffuse, saturate, impregnate, imbue, filter into, seep through, soak through.
Pernicious : adj
Highly injurious or harmful

Syn: deleterious, detrimental, malignan, baneful.

Ant:wholesome, beneficial, salutary, salubrious
Persevere : verb
To continue steadfastly despite obstacles or discouragement.

Syn: persist, endure, plug away at.

Ant: quit, desist, give up on, abandon.
Phobia : noun
An intense irraational fear of something: any strong aversion.

Syn: dread, horror, aversion, distaste, abhorrence, antipathy, loathing

Ant: liking, taste, partiality, fondness, affinity, predilection
Plagarism : noun
The use of another person's writings or ideas as one's own withough acknowledging their source.

Syn: theft piracy
Plaintive : adj
Sorrowful or melancholy; mournful

Syn: doleful, dolorous, disconsolate, lachrymose, wistful, heartbroken, tearful, lugubrious

Ant: merry, jocund, cheerful, light-hearted
Plethora : noun
Superabundance or excess

Syn: profusion, welter, superfluity, glut, surplus, surfeit, deluge, avalanche.

Ant: Scarcity, paucity, dearth, shortage, lack, want
Poignant : adj
Keenly touching or moving

Syn: heartbreaking, tender, heartrending, wistful, affecting, melancholy, elegiac, bittersweet

Ant: unaffecting, bland, vapid, insipid
Precarious : adj
Dangerously insecure, unstable, or uncertain.

Syn: perilous, hazardous, risky, treacherous, dubious, touch-and-go, ticklish, touchy, delicate.

Ant: safe, secure, stable, firm, certain, impregnable.
Precocious : adj
Developing unusually early

Syn: forward, gifted: advanced; premature

Ant: Backward, retarted, underdeveloped, laggard
Predatory : adj
Preying on, plundering, or piratical

Syn: marauding, pillaging, looting, rapacious, voracious, avaricious, extortionate.
Prelude : noun
An introductory piece of music; anything that precedes or introduces something else.

Syn: overture, prologue, preface, curtain raiser

Ant: postlude, epilogue, aftermath, sequel,
Premise : n & v
a. A statement upon which an argument is based or from which a conclusion is drawn
b. to state or assume as the basis for something else; to offer in advance as an explanation of, or introduction to, something else

Syn: proposition, axiom, thesis, hypothesis, assumption; preface, introduce; posit, predicate; presuppose
prerogative : noun
A special right or privilege that belongs to a person or group by virtue of rank, position, or the like

Syn: perquisite, advantage, benefit, birthright
Probity : noun
Unquestionably honesty or uprightness.

Syn: integrity, rectitude, ethcality, righteousness, honorableness, decency.

Ant: unscrupulousness, underhandedness, shadiness, knavery, chicanery, skulduggery.
Procrastinate : verb
To delay Action

Syn: postpone, shilly-shally, dilly-dally, temporize, stall

Ant: act, take action, settle, decide, dispose, take care of.
Prodigious : adj
Extraordinary in size or extent, marvelous

Syn: tremendous, stupendous, mammoth, vast, gargantuan, immense, massive, enormous, phenomenal, fabulous, incredible, wondrous

Ant: puny, tiny, minute, trivial, minuscule, negligible, infinitesimal, unexceptional, undustinguished, unimpressive, mediocre
Proliferate : verb
To increase rapidly in size or abundance

Syn: burgeon, snowball, mushroom ,thrive, multiply, spread, prosper, flourish, expand, escalate, accelerate

Ant: decline, diminish, wane, taper off, decrease, peter out, subside, dwindle
Prodigious : adj
Extraordinary in size or extent; marvelous

Syn: tremendous, stupendous, mammoth, vast, gargantuan, immense, massive, enormous, phenomenal, fabulous, incredible, wondrous.

Ant: puny, tiny, minute, trivial, minuscule, negligible, infinitesimal; unexceptional, undistinguished, unimpressive, mediocre
Proliferate : verb
To increase rapidly in size or abundance.

Syn: burgeon, snowball, mushroom, thrive, multiply, spread, prosper, flourish, expand, escalate, accelerate.

Ant: decline, diminish, wane, taper-off, decrease, peter out, subside, dwindle.
Promulgate : verb
To announce officially, as a law or decree.

Syn: proclaim, decree, broadcast, publish, disseminate.

Ant: Conceal, keep secret
Propensity : noun
A natural tendency or inclination.

Syn: penchant, proclivity, capacity, predilection, bent, gift, genius, preference, fondness

Ant: aversion, repugnance, disinclination, antipathy, immunity
Propitiate : verb
To appease or pacify.

Syn: mollify, placate, conciliate

Ant: antagonize, alienate, exasperate, vex, anger, annoy, incense.
Protracted : adj
Extended or prolonged excessively.

Syn: drawn-out, elongated, interminable, endless, long-winded.

Ant: contracted, compressed, truncated, brief, foreshortened, curtailed.
Prowess : noun
Superior courage, ability, or skill.

Syn: valor, gallantry, daring, bravery, intrepidity; mettle, pluck; expertise, facility, proficiency

Ant: cowardice, timidity; incompetence, ineptitude.
Pseudonym : noun
A fictitious name assumed by an author.

Syn: pen name, nom de plume, alias
Purge : verb & noun
a. To cleanse or purify, especially to rid a group of undesirable elements.
b. A medicine that cleanses; the elimination of undesirable elements from a group.

Syn: flush out; eject; expel; liquidate, exterminate, weed out; expiate, clear; physic, laxative; pogrom.
Pusillanimous : adj
Contemptibly cowardly or mean spirited.

Syn: timid, timorous, frigtened, fearful, spineless, gutless, lily-livered, fainthearted.

Ant: bold, daring, intrepid, courageous, spirited, dynamic, forceful.
Quell : verb
To bring to an end, usually by force; to quiet or pacify.

Syn: suppress, extinguish, subdue, stamp out, quash, squelch, crush, put down; silence, calm, allay, assuage

Ant: instigate, foment, provoke, incite, kindle; enflame, arouse, stir up.
Quixotic : adj
High minded but impractical.

Syn: idealistic, visionary, fanciful, unrealistic, utopian, chimerical

Ant: realistic, practical, down-to-earth.