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Anglo's contributed how much % of the total Texas population in the year 1860?
In 1980, Asian American people accounted for what percent of the total population in the state of Texas?
the instiitutions that give people the opportunity to participate in the public life?
What are the institutions that exist to allow like-minded members of the population to group together and magnify their individual voices to promote individual candidates and goverment action?
Political parties
What is the term used to describe a type of formal organization of people who share a common outlook or social circumstance and who band together in the hope of influencing government policy?
interests groups
the right to have government stay out of the personal lives of its citizens?
what is the right to privacy
What is the term that describes a media characterized by the open reporting of informatin without censorship by the government?
Freedom of the Press
How many African American's were elected to offices in the state of Texas?
Which term includes the following ethnicities: Jews, Poles,Irish?
From which states did most Anglos come form?
Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, and North Carolina
Between which two regions in Texas did most Anglo's settle in?
Between Texarkana and San Antonio
What caused the decline in the percentage of the Hispanic population @ 1830?
Migration of the Anglos.
What ethnic group is growing at the fastest rate in the U.S. and Texas compared to the other groups?
What percentage of the population is comprised of Hispanics?
In 2010, what is the projected population percentage of Hispanics in Texas?
More than 35%.
By 2020, what is the population projections for Hispanics?
Up to 41%.
List the regions where Hispanics WERE primarily located in Texas:
South Texas and the Rio Grande border
When did Afro-American settlement begin?
After independence in 1836.
True or False

When Texas was still part of Mexico, the Mexican govt limited slavery
What was the percentage population of Afro-Americans in Texas prior to the Civil War?
What is the current percentage of Afro-Americans in the state of Texas?
Which group of initial settlers were dominated by elites who aspired to re-create a semi-feudal society?
The southern settlers.
List the 2 subcultures held by the people who primarily settled in Texas?
1. individualistic
2. traditionalistic
List 3 generalities that describe Texas politics:
1. Minimized role of govt.
2. Dislike of taxes esp toward social services, and
3. Manipulation by the few for their narrow advantages
List the 4 primary ethnicities of Texas:
1. Native Americans
2. Hispanics
3. Anglos
4. African-Americans
What enthic group makes up 0.6% of Texas's population?
Native Americans
List the 3 Native American groups living in Texas:
1. Alabama-Coushatta
2. Tigua
3. Kickapoo
In the early 19th century how many groups of Native Americans were living in Texas?
At least 23
Describe President Sam Houston's policy towards the native Americans:
"peace and friendship"
Who set out to "expel, defeat or exterminate" the native americans from Texas?
Texas President Marabeau B. Lamar
In recent years, what has been a source of conflict between Native Americans and the state of Texas?
The legalization of casinos on reservation land.
When Mexico declared its independence from Spain in 1821, what was the population of the Tejas territory (Texas)?
What ethnic group made up most of Texas prior to 1820s and 1830s?
List 3 Texas myths:
1. myth of origin
2. Texas ranger/cowboy
3. land as wilderness/land as garden
Describe the Texas myth of origin.
No other state was a republic.
Describe the Texas myth for Texas ranger/cowboy
rugged individualism;
Describe the Texas myth for "land as wilderness/land as garden."
Land and natural resources are to be used for personal benefit.
Describe the individualistic society:
It holds politics & govt function as a marketplace.
T ofr F

The individualistic subculture believes that govt should be concerned with creating a good or moral society.
What subculture believes that govts should actively intervene to enhance the social and economic lives of their citizens?
Moralistic subculture
Wht subculture promotes the public welfare?
moralistic subculture
Describe the "traditionalistic subculture"
believes that there is a hierarchical arrangement to the political order by allocating authority to a few individuals who make up a perpetuating elite.
Which subculture believes that power should be allocated to a select few?
Traditionalistic subculture
Which subculture promotes a self perpetuating elite?
Traditionistic subculture.
Which subculture produces a large number of "amatuer" or "nonprofessional" political activists?
Moralistic subculture>
Which culture holds the family and social relationships as the basis for maintaining an elite structure rather than mass political participation?
List the 3 political subcultures?
1. individualistic
2. moralistic
3. traditionalistic
Which group of early settlers spawned the moralistic supculture?
New England settlers influenced by the Puritans and the Congregationalists.
Which group of early settlers spawned the individualistic subculture?
Mid-Atlantic settlers with entrepreneurial and individualistic attitudes.
What happened to change the economics of the 1980's?
World energy prices plummeted precipitating a major recession.
What happened to banking in the 1980's?
1.Numerous bank and savings & loan failures;
2.reorganization and absorbtion by large interstate banks led to huge changes in the state's banking systems
What is The power of the supreme court to overturn acts of the president ,congress, and the states if those acts violate the constitution, making the supreme court the final interpreter of the constitution?
Judicial review
What replaced the "oil patch" in the Texas economy at the turn of the 21st century?
the "silicon Prairie".
What is the "silicon prairie?'
where venture capitalists and software engineers roam.
Describe the 1970'and 1980's in Texas economics:
High oil and natural gas prices drove the economy
The federal Voting Rights Act was enacted in what year?
enacted in 1965 and and extended to texas in 1975
according to the 2000 Census, what is the state of texas's total population?
What factors have led to the increase in Texas's population?
High birthrates, migration
Approximately how many residents in the state of Texas are foreign born?
what type of population will place a big burdon on the public and private sectors for goods and services in 2030?
The aging population
What percent of the population live in urban and suburban area's?
The term refering to the number of people per square mile in a specific political jurisdiction?
Population density
Which county in Texas has 67 people living in the county?
Loving county
Which county in texas has a population of 3.4 million people living in 1,728 square miles?
Harris county(Houston)
what was the median house hold income according to the Texas 2000 Census?
According to the 2000 Texas census what percent of Texans 25 and older had completed high school?
How much capitol in exports did Texas have in 2000?
112 billion in 2000
What percent of Hispanics completed high school according to the 2000 cencus?
In 1981 what percent of the Texas economy was linked to oil?
what was one of the factors that lead to the economic disater that struck in 1986?
Natural Gas prices droped
Between the years 1986 and 1988 how many jobs were estimated to have been lost in the state of Texas?
what did the texas legislature in thier third special session in 1986 do to help the states economy?
passed a 875 Million dollar tax cut and cut the state budget by 580 million
A type of tax that imposes a disproportionately heavier burden on low income people than on more affluent?
regressive tax
How many jobs were created in the state of Texas in 1990?
2.48million jobs
what was the economy like in 1988 in the state of texas?
slow and modest
What is the term used to describe a type of development of new and varied business activities. Ex. New businesses were encouraged to relocate or expand in Texas after the oil and gas industry, which had the base of the state's economy, sufferd in a recession in the 1980's?
economic diversification
In the year 2001 what was the gross product for the state of Texas?
734 Billion dollars
In which sector had the highest growth in the state of Texas from 1990-2002?
The service sector
in terms of dollars how much did Texas export in the year 2001?
95 Billion in goods
What term describes the increased interdependence in trade, manufacturing, and commerce as well as other buisness activities between the united states and other countries?
Globalization of the economy.
Which texas city is the second largest port in the nation?
the high Plains region is made up of how many counties?
The metroplex region is made up of how many counties?
Which region in Texas is the World's
largest trade Complex?
Metroplex region
Which region in Texas has business related to agricultural production?
High Plains region
The upper East Texas region has how many counties and cities?
What region has more of manufacturing base than anywhere else?
Upper East Rexas Region
Which texas region includes the poorest counties and most unemployment in the state?
The south texas border region
Which region has been helped by NAFTA with the building of plants in Mexico
The South Texas Border region
what texas region consists of 6 counties?
Upper Riogrande Region
Texas shares a ________ mile border with Mexico?
1,248 mile border
What is the term for the policy of expanding economic and social inter dependence of south texas and Mexico?
Transnational regionalsim.
What is the name for the policies initiated by Mexico in 1964 to sitmulate economic growth along the US Mexico border
Maquiladora program
How many maquidora plants were in operation in 2002?
3,300 plants
In what year did Mexico join the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT)
What is the term for a system of government in which the people rule, either directly or through elected representatives?
Proposals submitted by a state legislature to the public for a popular vote?
An oppressive system of government in which citizens of government in which citizens deprived of their basic freedom to speak, write, associate, and participate in political life without fear of punishment?
authoritarian government
What is the term for a type of government in which people govern themselves, vote on policies and laws and live by majority rule?
Direct democracy
What is the term for a type of government in which voters designate a relativly small number of people to represent their interests , then meet in a legeslative body
indirect democracy
A form of government that dates back to the 1700's in which a majority of the eligible citizens conducted their business in a town hall?
town meeting
A term describing when all participants have equal access to the decision making process?
a process in wich when more than half of the voters agree on an issue , the entire group accepts the decision, even those in the minority who voted against it?
majority rule
A value that suggests that no individual should be within the power or under control of another?
The idea that"People should have equal rights and opportunities to develop their talents," that all people should begin at the same starting point in a race.
equality of opportunity
What is the term used to describe "where ventrue capitalists and software engineers roam" in Texas?
Silicon Prairie
T or F
The 1980's were a tumultuous decade of economic boom and bust for Texas.
What boosted Texas's economy during the 70's and 80's
High oil and natural gas prices
What industry replaced energy as the state's largest employer?
Which 2 ethnic groups are expected to make up the majority of Texas by 2025?
African Americans and Hispanics
What is the term used to describe stories narratives, or phrases that are used to describe past events, and provide an interpretive overview and understanding of a society?
For many Texans what event serves to identify the common experiences of independence and the creation of a separate, unique political order?
The Battle of the Alamo
What myth emphasizes a need to dominate, control, and subude the land?
Myth of land as wilderness
Which ethnic group is the primary links to Texas myths?
What is the term that is used to describe the set of attitudes, beliefs,and sentiments which give order and meaning to a political process and which provide the underlying awwumptions and rules that govern behavior in the political system?
Political culture
Which polical subculture believes that the primary function of government is to assure the stability of a society so that individuals can pursue their own interests?
Individualistic subculture
Which subculture perceives politics to be a dirty business that should left to those willing to soil their hands?
Individualistic subculture
Which subculture believes that politics is the responsibility of every individual?
Moralistic subculture
Which 2 political subcultures merged to ?Texans general views of what government should do, who should govern, and what constitutes good public policy?
Individualistic and Traditionalistic
T or F
During the 1700's and 1800's the Mexican gov't was successful in convincing Hispanics to settle in the Tejas territory of Mexico.
T or F
The Spanish regarded the Tejas territory as a border province with great potential?
T or F
There was an effort at the Constitutional Convention of 1845 to strip Hispanics of the right to vote.
T or F
There is a large concentration of African Americans in East Texas where white southerners and their slaves originally settled.
Describe the pattern of Texas's current settlement pattern
Urbanization and suburban sprawl
What treaty created the world's largest trading bloc?
List the 3 countries of the NAFTA?
T or F
For more than 70 years Mexico operated with 2 party-system dominated by the Institutional Revolutionary Party.
False, it was a one-party system
List the 3 agencies that were created under side agreement to NAFTA:
1. Border Environmental Cooperation Commission (BECC)
2. Commission for Labor Cooperation
3. Working Group on Emergency Action
What was created by the U.S. and Mexico that is based in San Antonio to fund infrastructure and environmental projects alon the U.S./Mexico border?
Nadbank - North American Developmental Bank
By 2002, what was the estimate for illegal immigrants living in the U.S.?
8,000,000 - 8 million
List the 2 major attractions for illegal immigration?
1. Failure of the Mexican economy;
2. Employment opportunities
What did the U.S. Congress enact to impose fines on employers who hire illetal aliens and provide jalil senteces for flagrant violaters?
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
What law granted "grandfather" status to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who had moved to the U.S. prior to Jan. 1, 1982?
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986