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The nurse understands that respect for the dignity of the client is extremely important in providing nursing care. Which of the following is an ex of this aspect?
A. allowing clients to complete their own hygiene cares when possible
b. providing all cares to all clients whenever possible
C. telling the other staff that the client is demanding so they are able to meet the client's needs
d. presenting information to the client's family about the client's condition
A. allowing pt to complete their own hygienic cares when possible
A nurse is providing a back rub to a pt just after admin a pain med, with the hope that these two actions will help decrease the client's pain. Which phase of the nursing process is this nurse implementing?
The client reports having difficulty sleeping. Which envt intervention would the nurse recommend?
A. play soft music through the night
B. keep a television on in the bedroom
C. provide white noise with a fan
D. play a talk radio station
C. provide white noise with a fan
A student nurse who claims to be very uncreative doesn't understand why it is necessary to learn and develop new ideas in the clinical area. The best response by the nurse educator is:
A. "Creativity allows unique solutions to unique problems."
B. "Not all your answers are going to be from your textbook."
C. "Creativity makes nursing more fun."
D. "You'll get bored if you don't learn to be creative."
A. "Creativity allows unique solutions to unique problems."
Which of the following objective assessment data does the nurse know to obtain before administering an opiod?
a. pain level as stated by pt
b. any nausea the pt may be feeling
c. resp rate
d. color of skin
c. resp rate
The nurse is preparing to discharge a patient home with prescription drugs for ibuprofen-- what is a known side effect with this drug?
GI bleeding
A student nurse performing a dressing change is what type of evaluation of skill?
Technical skill
Client has been admitted for SOB for 2 weeks and has nursing diagnosis of Impaired Gas Exchange-- which of the lab values would be associated with this diagnosis?
A- Increased Hematocrit
B- Decreased BUN
C-Increased Blood Sugar
D- Increased Sed Rate
A- Increased Hematocrit
Client has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is upset and verbal- The nurse has given him diagnosis of anxiety related to unfamiliarity of disease process, manifested by restlessness and tachycardia. What is the etiology of the diagnosis?
Unfamiliarity of disease process
When implementing a care plan the nurse involved the client who is ready for discharge and plans the goal patient will have increased mobility- what is an appropriate outcome of the goal?
A- Client will walk without walker by 6 weeks.
B-Client will walk freely in house
C- Client will not fall
D- Client will have freer movement in daily activities.
A client comes to the clinic seeking info and education regarding healthy lifestyles and eating habits. The most appropriate nursing diagnosis for the pt is----

A- Risk nursing diagnosis
B- Syndrome diagnosis
C- Wellness diagnosis
D- Actual diagnosis
C- Wellnress
The nurse is taking info about clien't database- The client is not talkative,pale, diaphoretic, restless and tells the nurse " just leave me alone" which is SUBJECTIVE data?
"Just Leave me alone"
If the client has pain of 7 of 10 on the pain scale what would his pain be?
Severe pain
Client admitted to ER with abdominal pain- Denies V/N- client states pain started 2 hours ago and the pain is cramping- what type of pain is this?
Visceral or acute pain
Genetic Fallacy
"genesis" = source or origin

Attacking the source or origin.

To argue that a claim is true or false on the basis of its origins is to commit a genetic fallacy.
Ad Hominem abusive (to man)

Ad Hominem circumstantial
The client reports having difficulty sleeping and awakening several times during the night. What intervention should the nurse recommend for the pt when unable to sleep?
A. get out of bed, go into another room, and pursue some relaxing activity until drowsy.
B. Get out of bed, go into another room, and exercise until tired before trying to go back to sleep.
C. Sit in bed and watch the bedroom television until drowsy.
D. Stay in bed with eyes closed and do some mental arithmetic until sleepy.
A. Get out of bed, go into another room, and pursue some relaxing activity until drowsy.
A cardiac specialty hospital has several written plans in place for pts who are admitted, according to specific medical diagnoses and nursing interventions. Typical nursing diagnoses as well as standard nursing interventions are included in these plans. This hospital is utilizing which of the following?
A. standardized care plans
B. Traditional care plans
C. Critical pathways
D. Kardex
A. Standardized care plans
Nurse enters a room of critically ill child and senses that something is not right- After performing the initial physical assesment- the child is found stable- the nurse continues to perform and check all lines and equipment in the room- and finds that the IV is the wrong solution- what type of problem solving is this?
Nursing Diagnosis of Activity Intolerance related to weakness and debilitation, manifested by reports of fatigue after any physical activity- What is the defining characteristic of this label?
Reports of Fatigue
A client has incision with complex dressing change- the client will be discharged home and the wound will need dressing changes at home- What statement indicates the teaching needs to be postponed?
A- "It's going to take time for me to understand this whole thing."
B- "Let's make sure my spouse in around before you start teaching"
C- "I wish my dr. would have explained this in more depth"
D- "I'm feeling nauseous, but go ahead and start."
A nurse is doing teaching regarding medication administration for a pt who is being discharged. which of the following instructions should be rewritten for this pt?
A. lasix, 20 mg, po bid
B. Lasix, 20mg, po twice daily
C. Lasix, 20 mg by mouth, twice a day
D. Lasix, 20 mg by mouth 8AM and 2PM
A. Lasix, 20 mg, po bid (double check that this is the correct answer)
The pt is receiving oxygen by nonrebreather mask, but the bag is not deflating on inspiration. What action should be taken by the nurse?
A. Turn the client to the left side.
B. Increase the percentage of oxygen being delivered.
C. Check for an airtight seal between the pts face and the mask.
D. increase the liter flow of oxygen being delivered
D. Increase the liter flow of oxygen being delivered
The nurse responds to a pts call light. When entering the room, the nurse sees that the client is lying on the floor, with the bed linens around the legs. The most correctly written chart entry is:
A. Client fell out of bed, but did not push the call button for assistance.
B. Pt became tangled in the bed linens, then called for assistance after falling out of bed
C. Recorder responded to clients call light, upon entering the room, found client on floor
D. pt found on floor, appeared to have fallen out of bed as a result of getting tangled in bed linens.
C. REcorder responded to pt's call light, upon entering room, found pt on floor
A pt comes into the ED with a productive cough, audible coarse crackles, elevated temp of 102. 3 F, Chills and body aches. The nurse IDs the problem as respiratory compromise. The nurse is using which of the following?
A. Deductive reasoning
B. inductive reasoning
C. Socratic questioning
D. Critical analysis
A. Deductive reasoning
A pt is admitted for complications following a routine diagnostic procedure of the colon. The type of care plan that will most likely be implemented for this pt is which of the following?
A. Informal nursing care plan
B. Formal nursing care plan
C. standardized care plan
D. individualized care plan
D. individualized care plan
When learning how to implement the nursing process into a plan of care for a client, the student nurse realizes that part of the purpose of the nursing process is to:
A. deliver care to a pt in an organized way
B. Implement a plan that is close to the medical model
C. ID pt needs and deliver care to meet those needs.
D. Make sure that standardized care is available to pts.
C. ID pt needs and deliver care to meet those needs.
A nurse is completing a plan of care for a client. The statement "pt will be able to walk 10 ft, twice a day without SOB" is which part of the nursing proces (in comparision to the decision-making process)?
A. Assess
B. Diagnose
C. Plan
D. Evaluate
C. Plan