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passionate and intense, attracted to physical beauty, want quick self disclosure and physical intimacy. Experience strong peaks and valleys.
Love of Beauty
love to play the game, often more concerned with other things than relationships like variety and food times. Have more than one lover at a time.
Playful Love
patient, lets love grow, do not like turbulence, offer stability and predictability, love is based on friendship and companionship, less preoccupied with their lovers than others might be.
Companionate Love
combination of beauty and playful love, there is a desire to manipulate and hold back feelings, drama queens, very high and low peaks and valleys, both people are very needy, highly addictive love. Can be uncomfortable for other people in the social network.
Obsessive Love
combination of playful and companionate. Characterized by patience, compatibility is examined and sought, based on practicality, computer dating type. Feelings are sometimes subordinated to logical thoughts, careful planning.
Realistic Love
combination of companionate and the opposite of obsessive. Constantly place others needs before your own, characterized by unselfishness, patience, kindness, generosity and no reciprocity is required, very rare.
Altruistic Love
relationships can be analyzed by examining three components, commitment, passion and intimacy.
Sternberg’s Triangular Theory
none or the components, characterizes most relationships
intimacy and passion but no commitment, mainly short lived
romantic love
intimacy only, friendships
commitment and passion, like a couple who meets and with in weeks are married.
fatuous love
passion only, spring break type
commitment and intimacy, like long term friendships and marriage that has lost the physical attraction spark
companionate love
only commitment, usually happens at the end of a long term relationship or beginning one.
empty love
all three components, hard to get and the ideal for many
consummate love