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Frank Stella
-painted sculpture
-sculptural painting
-negative/positive space
Alexander Calder
-created mobiles and stabiles
-made a circus with wire and found objects
-Titles: The Circus, Black Widow, The Ghost
-Father and grandfather both sculptors (did william penn on city hall)
Claus Oldenburg
-Enlarged everyday objects
-soft sculpture (wife did all sewing)
-sculptures: Clothespin, Binoculars, Spoon with cherry, baseball bat
Henry Moore
-Large metal abstract forms (outdoors)
-starts with maquettes then casts
-inspired by organic materials
George Segal
-Made plaster people
-started making people in white, later made some black and some blue
-all life size
-Examples: people waiting at corner, guy on rings
Duane Hanson
-Wax casting of people
-VERY realistic
-Puts hairs in one by one (real human hair)
-Titles:Sun Bather, Jogger
-Examples: Lady shopping with curlers in hair
John Chamberlain
-Assemblage of car parts