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What did Henry Stimson say the goals of the Manhattan project were?
1) it was vital that Germany not be the first to use the atomic weapon
2) despite potential devastation, the atomic bomb also had the ability to finally end the war and ultimately save more Japanese and American lives
Why did Henry Stimson say Nagasaki and Hiroshima were chosen to drop the atomic bomb on?
due to their military, industrial, and naval significance
What were some of the descriptions in "recollections" of the dropping of the atomic bomb in Japan?
ray of light
terrific roar
sea of flames

*people strewn about were unrecognizable, burnt so badly that they looked inhuman
Who sent "the long telegram" and what does the writer compare communism to?
George Kennan
compares communism to a parasite
In Novikov's "telegram," he argues that America was striving for world supremacy following World War I. What were his reasons for believing this?
1)US military growth during peacetime
2)US bases on faraway islands indicating an offensive nature to their actions
3)likelihood of a US alliance with England
Who delivered the "speech to the national socialist womens association" and what were some of the main points?
Gertrud Scholtz-Klink
*advancements shown through openings of maternity schools where women become "acquainted with aims of a National Socialist state"
*"through marriage we consciously become mothers of the nation"
*"we shall never demand equal rights to men"
What did Joseph Stalin, in his speech, say were the results of the first five-year plan?
1) increased machine industries
2) increased oil output
3) removal of all capitalist elements
4) transformed from agrarian society to industrial
5) military prepared for wartime
What were some of Hitler's points in his "Mein Kampf"?
1) cross-breeding among races goes against nature
2) Aryans are the strongest race due to their yields in art, science, and technology
3) calls for healthy ratio of land to people in order to ensure survival of independent Germany
4) "Germany will either become a great power or will no longer exist"