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Japan is an archipelago. An archipelago is ___?
A chain of islands.
Hawaii, Philippines, Indonesia, Caribbean
Japan has only 14% arable land. Arable land is ____?
Good for farming.
They have to terrace the sides of mountains to have this kind of land.
Japanese in their early history lived in separate clans because they were isolated from each other by what natural barrier?
Mountains. Japan is 75% mountainous.
200 of these are active in Japan.
What happens in Japan because it is on the Ring of Fire (Pacific Rim)?
Volcano Eruptions
Japanese people live mainly along these areas.
Crowded coastal plains.
Name two effects of Japan's high population density?
Most Japanese are urbanized (live in cities); real estate prices in Japan are astronomical; homes are very small.
several choices.
Name some Japanese arts that are related to their love of nature (Shinto or Buddhist).
Tea Ceremony, Paper folding (Origami), Flower Arranging (Ikebana) and Landscape Gardening, Zen Rock Gardens, Landscape Painting, Woodblock Painting, Theater (Kabuki and Noh), music.
Even SUMO could be accepted since they make offerings of salt at the beginning . . . but you can do better!
What influence does living on islands in the Pacific Ocean have on Japan?
It was isolated for centuries.
It was influenced by its closest neighbors, Korea and China.
Fishing and Shipping are necessities.
It is called the Land of the Rising Sun.
It's in East Asia - the FAR EAST.
What is the most important scarcity that influenced Japan's economic development?
Scarcity of something.
From north to south, what are the four major Japanese islands?
Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
Holycow, Honey, She's Cute!
What is the length of the four main islands of Japan in terms of U.S. coastline?
The northern island is about where Bangor Maine is; the southern islands are about where Jacksonville, Florida is; but Hokkaido is colder and Kyushu/Shikoku are warmer because of cold and warm ocean currents.
Influenced by warm currents - like our Eastern seaboard.
What is a tsunami?
Tidal Wave.
Don't be on the beach for this one.
What two belief systems of China influenced Japanese early culture?
(1) Confucianism (family and social harmony)
(2) Buddhism (blended with Daoist ideas to form Zen Buddhism).
C and B
What is the name for the Japanese adaption of Chinese character writing?
Kanji. The Japanese borrowed the Chinese WRITTEN language and adapted it for their very different spoken language.
Kana are the Japanese syllables.
What is the native religion of Japan?
Nature Spirits.
What is the Shinto name for nature spirits or gods/goddesses?
Kamikaze is the wind version of one.
Where do you find Shinto shrines in Japan?
Office, home, roadside, temple - everywhere!
Look for toriis (gates) and over doorways.
What is the current capital of Japan?
Previous capitals were Nara and Kyoto.
What is the Japanese word for clan?
They share a common god/goddess/kami ancestor.
What did Prince Shotoku of the Yamato clan bring from China?
food, dress, writing, art, culture, belief systems (Conf, Budd.)
Why is the Yamato Clan important?
They are the Emperor's clan - descendants of the Sun Goddess Ameratsu. There has been only ONE imperial dynasty in Japan for 1000 years.
Hirohito, Akihito