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state and discuss your commands mission statement
to provide CSAR & NSW support
define the term NSW and discuss the role of the HH60H in a NSW mission
Naval Special Warfare
HH60H is a primary source for NSW to accomplish their missions
define the term strike warfare and discuss the role of the HH-60H in a STW mission
destruction of enemy targets
define term FSO and the role of the HH60H in an FSO mission
support services other that logistics replenishment.
spec op missions
define the term ccc and discuss the role of the HH60H in a CCC mission
Command, control, and communication. Provides communication organization.
HH-60H = secure communication capabilities
define the term MOB and discuss the role of the HH-60H in a MOB mission
Mobility-ability to maneuver and maintain in all situations.
Fly when and where it is needed
define the term int and discuss the role of HH60
collection, processing, and evaluation of information.
Can obtain or transport intelligence
define the term nco and discuss the role
operations of a non-combat nature.
define the term ASU and discuss the role
detection, trackin, and destruction of enemy ships. carry spec war personnel
define the term AAW and discuss the role
Anti-Air Warfare
detection, tracking, and destruction of enemy air platforms.
Carry hellfire missiles
define the term MIW and discuss the role
Mine Warfare. Use of mines.
deliver mines