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205-01 Reporting Sick
How may a UMOS report sick?
tel/person/comp messngr
at least 2 hrs prior to tour, unless sick during that time
PSB and Boro Ct will report sick to supervisor at ASSIGNED COMMAND. If command closed report when they reopen, unless immediate med attn necessary, in such case report to Med Div
other commands call sick desk
205-01 Reporting Sick
If reporting sick w/in 2 hrs of commencement of tour....
won't be able to go Admin
notify assigned command before notifying Sick Desk. In all cases MOS will immediately, after reporting sick, notify command and supplpy sick # above note applies to non-PSB/Boro Ct
205-01 Reporting Sick
UMOS will remain at residence or other authorized location unless permission to leave granted by?
Chronic "B"?
surgeon or Sick Desk supervisor

note:Chronic "B" are not permitted to leave residence without the express permission of the SPECIAL MEDICAL DISTRICT SURGEON, violators are subject to charges not cd
205-01 Reporting Sick
UMOS will notify ________ of any change of address/location or tel number?
Sick Desk and district surgeon
205-01 Reporting Sick
If member is not at stated location, supervisor accepting sick report will....?
notify Sick Desk Supervisor for referral to Absence Control Unit
205-01 Reporting Sick
Supervisor accepting sick report will notify Medical Division when?
Member confined w/in City requests visit b/c of urgent need for medical attn
member is suspected of malingering
205-01 Reporting Sick
If member unable to appear for pending arraignment...
Supervisor accepting sick report will notify Boro Ct section concerned
205-01 Reporting Sick
Member on Admin Return will notify ______ if unable to report due to continuation of illness? When?
command and sick desk
at leats 2 hrs before scheduled return to duty
205-01 Reporting Sick
Supervisor receiving sick report will enter info in sick log from?
FINEST message
205-01 Reporting Sick
Supervisor receiving sick report will make entry in command diary of _____ when?
any scheduled court appearances or other agency appearances
under date of sched appearance and 2 days prior unless weekend/holiday
205-01 Reporting Sick
Supervisor receiving sick report will notify relieving DO if member...
scheduled to perform duty w/ either of the next 2 platoons
205-01 Reporting Sick
Member going sick will report to assigned district surgeon at next reg office hrs if ineligible or declining Admin return unless...?
C hronic B
U nable to travel
F riday/Saturday
205-01 Reporting Sick
Re: the diary entry made for a UMOS scheduled court appearances
__________ will notify __________ when to see if UMOS is capable of appearing at scheduled appearance.
PRAA/OPS Coord will notify district surgeon 2 days prior
If surgeon approves PRAA/OPS Coord will notify member to appear.
205-01 Reporting Sick
If member reports sick on a scheduled appearance date.....
PRAA/OPS Coord will make immed notification to court other agency.
205-02 Reporting sick from outside city and outside res counties:
A.)how may umos report
B.)what does he need to produce
A.)telephone sick desk or send telegram to CO, Med Div
B.)obtain letter from attending Dr, send to CO, Med Div
205-03 Resp for weapons while out sick
A.)if able MOS will bring guns where?
B.)who will do 49
C.)prop will be held at command for how long
D.)shield and ID will go where, with what
A.)res pct, if unable notify DO perm comm
B.)Command Clerk
C.)1 week
D.)to ID Card and Shield Unitafter one week with 49 command clerk did
205-05 LOD
DO will notify
A.)CO/duty Capt IF
B.)Operations IF
C.)Boro comm IF
205-05 LOD
Who will insure member's firearm and Dept prop are safeguarded
Patr Sup
205-07 Death of a MOS
DO will notify
A.)active (working w/in)
B.)retired (living w/in)
A.)Communications, Unit Commander, IAB, Bulletin Board
B.)Comunicatiosn, Unit Commander
205-08 Trauma Counseling Progarm
A.) who requests, how
A.)DO notifies Ops
205-10 exposure of mos to infectious disease haz/mat
UMOS will notify?

that guy will make entry in?
he will notify?

designated Dept surgeon
For donating blood what is the Department's id #?
civilians may be excused for?
3 hrs
Requesting blood outside NY state telephone?
Med Division
205-14 Req for transfer
who is responsible to forward 57?
MOS req transfer (he doesn't want to be here, make 'em work)
To withdraw application for transfer?
MOS prepare and forward four copies on Typed Letterhead to CO, Personnel Oredrs Section
Mutual Transfer:
MOS desiring a mutual transfer will submit a request fro transfer, on TYPED LETTERHEAD, including all the info required on a 57, to their respective CO's
205-15 PO Career Program
A.)min pts needed
B.)choices may be changed or
withdrawn how?
C.)applications are expunged when?
D.) Po's granted a transfer under Career Program may not utilized thsi program for ___?
B.)fill out another Career Program Transfer
C.)2 yrs
D.) 2 yrs
3 choices
A.)max comp time may accumulate?
B.) in excess of ___ must be taken w/in___, needs of the service permitting?
C.)in any event comp time must be taken w/in ____?
5 days
w/in 30 days needs of the service permitting
w/in 1 yr
AWOL for _____ hrs notify _______?
(more serious notifictaion)
you will inclue action staken to locate member to which one
CO/duty capt
Ops (include actions taken
to locate member)
205-19 Vac lost due to sick leave
to request?
may not be taken after for:
sick (no hosp)
sick (hosp)
49 adressed to CO
LWOP 29 Cal days or less 205-20
approving officer will be for:
one day leave
2-29 all other mos

how many copies of 28?
Chf Pers
Dep Comm, boro/bureau Chf

must use up all other accrued time
LWOP 30 Cal days or more
approving officer will be for:
Member will be required to appear for any hearings/trials ...notify who?
Notify ______ of intent to req leave of absence w/o pay for 30 consecutive cal days or more when?
Chf Personnel

at least 6 weeks prior
member may keep PG
Definite Military leave 205-22
A.)if drill cancelled MOS
will notify ________?
B.) If fail to attend drill for which granted leave notify?
C.) MOS submit certificate of attendance to timekeeper when?
D.)PRAA will notify ___ when member fails to provide current miliatry contract and current drill schedule
E.)MOS will submit 28 and standard military order to ______ when?
A.)Roll Call and timekeeper
B.) ICO and timekeper, if it is determined that the member failed to attend the Reserve/Nat Guard Drill after time off was granted, Chgs will be initiated
C.)w/in 10 days after return from drill
D.)ICO and OPS coord
E.)timekeeper at least 2 wks prior
Indefinite Military Leave 205-23
What Dept prop will he keep
conatct _____ immediately upon discharge for instructions to return to duty
ID card and PG
Special Leave for former Members of Armed Services 205-24
How many Lts, Sgts, and PO's may have off?
must be utilized w/in what time?
1 Lt in a Pct
3 sgts where 7 or more performinig duty
2 where less than 7
not more than %40
preference to senior members in rank
6 mos of secific holiday
Bereavement Leave
mos submit 28 to
a new domestic partnership may be registered after how much time has elapsed?
6 mos
it's 4 days
Jury Duty
Upon receipt of a notice to appear for jury duty, mos will immediately notify?
Jury Duty
MOS will provide official documentation of the jury duty service, including dates and times of attendances in teh from of a court issued Certificate of service to?
whn jury duty conflicts w/ other Dept scheduled court appearances notify?
?'s regarding this procedure......
CO and DA's office
Labor Relations
notify district surgeon how?
Dept Mail (documentation from dr)
Commence sick leave.....
terminate sick leave....
Telephone Preg Med District
to confirm actual delivery date.....
during ____post-delivery week
app 4 weeks before
app 6 weeks after delivery
confirm actual delivery date w/in 10 days of said date
during 5th post-delivery week
child care leave of absence
notify CO _________ to anticipated birthdate of child

may terminate leave prior to expiration upon advance notification to ______
at least 6 wks prior

any time in excess of ______ on leave-no pay status-precluides vested interest retirement for _____ yrs after return to duty
6 mos
5 yrs
Drug screening must report to med div unless...?
S ick
T erminal
B ereavement
A nnual Vac
M ilitary

member's previously scheduled for IVD's w/ approval of
Bureau Chief concerned
which drug tests still test urine?
test for cause 3 hair and 2 urine
voluntary hair and urine
drug test for cause:
when a member suspects another MOS may be illegally using drugs...

supervisor conducting investigation will...
notify CO/duty capt or IAB

-if based on phys appearance-->2 bosses must make observations
prepare casefolder
confer w/ own immediate sup
contact bureau chief/boro chief
contact med dicv when approval obtained and obtain Med Div drug screening serial # (even if member refuses test)
call Advocates office
3 hair/2 urine same person collects both
Volunatry drug screening
mos 49 to?
deliver personally to Chf personnel (w/in 24 hrs of member becomin gaware of allegations) containing name of union rep/attny