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List the criteria for out-of-hospital termination of resuscitation:
-arrest not witnessed by emergency medical services personnel
-no return of spontaneous circulation after 3 rounds of CPR (prior to transport)
-no AED shock was delivered prior to transport

-certain EMS protocols allow family members request no resuscitation at the time of death
When are slow-codes (knowingly providing ineffective resuscitative efforts) appropriate?
List the four criteria for suspending resuscitation efforts by ACLS certified EMS providers outside of the hospital as recommended by the EMS physicians assoc:
-arrest was not witnessed
-no bystander for CPR was provided
-no ROSC after full ALS care in the field (20 min)
-no AED shocks were delivered
List the criteria for not starting CPR in newly born infants:
-extreme prematurity (<23 weeks gestation or birth weight < 400 g)
-major chromosomal abnormalities (trisomy 13)
List the criteria for not starting CPR in pediatric and adult in-hospital cardiac arrest:
-DNR order only-