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For the Greeks, the "higher" good of the city (morality, ethics) was what?
The key to the “higher” good of the soul (philosophy).
What is the central question of political philosophy?
Quid Sit Deus? (Who – or what – is God, the Highest?)
What is Greek Transcendence?
1. Good of soul reflected in good of city.
2. Only philosophers transcend city
What is the Good of Sacrifice for Athens?
Sacrifice of the particular, mundane for the general, immaterial.
What is the Good of Sacrifice for Jerusalem?
Sacrifice of pride for redemption of particular, mundane.
What is the hierarchy of sacrifice for Athens?
Pure Thought



What is the hierarchy of sacrifice for Jerusalem?
Loving Father



What is Jewish law?
What is Christian law?
Seperation of religion and law
What is Christian Transcendence?
All human beings transcend the human, political city.
According to the Christian view, what is human destiny?
In “another world,” “The City of God”
According to Reynolds, when did the Apostasy start?
before AD 100
Reynolds said we mistake effects of the Apostasy for what?
Reynolds: what were covenants abonded for?
Sacraments: grace through mediation of priest
What are the three myths about the apostasy?
1. Caused by outside persecution
2. Caused by Greek philosophy
3. Great and abominable church is the Catholic church
In the West, what is the tension between Athens and Jerusalem?
Idea of a personal, loving Father with that of absolute, immaterial Being.