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Who are the two creator peoples?
Greeks and the Hebrews
What was the bridge in Roman-Hellenistic period?
Classical to Christian world
What was the Classic Equilibrium?
excellence of individual / good of community
What was the Hellenistic alienation?
search for meaning in pleasure, diverse religions/philosophies
What was the Best Man & Best Citizen for Aristotle/Plato?
What was the Best Man & Best Citizen for Epicureans?
What was the Best Man & Best Citizen for Stoics?
Two main points Materialism (Atomism) vs. Superstition for the Epicureans?
1. No creation from nothing; all has knowable cause
2. Mind material (smaller, smoother atoms)
What were the Epicureans idea of pleasure?
relief from fear, intense desire (“Love”)
What was the best life for the Epicureans?
Philosophy and the common life
What is the hierachy of the Pleasure, Virtue & the Good for the Classical View?
1. Good (pleasure 2)
2. Virtue (noble self-sacrifice)
3. Pleasure 1 (vulgar)
What is Lucretius view of love?
“Sex is better than love”; “Love” is an illusion."
What is Plato's view of love?
A search for true beauty
What are the three points that Stoics and Socrates agree on?
1. Virtue is key to happiness
2. Rational order in cosmos
3. Rational order in soul (reason rules passions)
What is the Cosmopolis for the Stoic?
Universal brotherhood
What is the "anthropocentric tendency" for the Stoic?
Providence cares for humankind
What is the Stoic's view on Equality?
1. Philosophy for everyone
2. Exaggerates self-sufficiency of virtue
3. Effaces distinction: philosophical / practical
What does Peguy think of the Roman soldier?
Defender of Plato and the Prophets
What were the three elements of the Roman Republic?
1. Monarchical element: Consuls (executive)
2. Aristocratic element: Senate
3. Democratic element: Assembly
What were the three things that the Roman Legacy left?
1. Law (order, system)
2. Mixed Constitution
3. Innovation within Existing Order
Who wrote the Roman constitution?
What did Cicero introduce into Rome?
Greek philosophy
According to Cicero, what is Natural Law?
Best life by nature now understood more universally.
What was Cicero's view on a Mixed Constitution?
Best = Monarchy
Revolution = Tyrant
All 3 = most stable
According to Cicero, what is the blessedness of the contemplative life?
1. The harmony of the spheres
2. The eternity of the soul (apart from body)
3. The triviality of ambition, fame.