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: from : away : off <abaxial>
1 : to : toward —usually ac- before c, k, or q<acculturation> and af- before f<affluent> and ag- before g<aggradation> and al- before l<alliteration> and ap- before p<apportion> and as- before s<assuasive> and at- before t<attune> and ad- before other sounds but sometimes ad- even before one of the listed consonants <adsorb> 2 : near : adjacent to —in this sense always in the form ad-<adrenal>
1 a: prior : earlier <antedate> b: anterior : forward <anteroom>2: prior to : earlier than <antediluvian>
1 a: of the same kind but situated opposite, exerting energy in the opposite direction, or pursuing an opposite policy <anticlinal> b: one that is opposite in kind to <anticlimax>2 a: opposing or hostile to in opinion, sympathy, or practice <anti-Semite> b: opposing in effect or activity <antacid>3: serving to prevent, cure, or alleviate <antianxiety>4: combating or defending against <antiaircraft> <antimissile>
: through <diapositive> : across <diadromous>
1 a: do the opposite of <disestablish> b: deprive of (a specified quality, rank, or object) <disfranchise> c: exclude or expel from <disbar>2: opposite or absence of <disunion> <disaffection>3: not <disagreeable>4: completely <disannul>5 [by folk etymology] : dys- <disfunction>
: life : living organisms or tissue <biochemistry> <bioluminescence>
1 : occurring earlier : occurring beforehand <foreplay>
2 a : situated at the front : in front <foreleg> b : front part of (something specified) <forearm> <forebrain>
1 a: earlier : beforehand <foresee> b: occurring earlier : occurring beforehand <foreshock>2 a: situated at the front : in front <foreleg> b: front part of (something specified) <forearm> c: foremast <foretop>
: inversely <obovate>
1 : all around : about <periscope> 2 : near <perihelion> 3 : enclosing : surrounding <perineurium>
1 : near : around <perimenopausal>
2 : enclosing : surrounding <perineurium>
1 : beside : alongside of : beyond : aside from <parathyroid> <parenteral>
2 a : faulty : abnormal <paresthesia> b : associated in a subsidiary or accessory capacity <paramedical> c : closely resembling : almost <paratyphoid>
1: beside : alongside of : beyond : aside from <parathyroid> <parenteral>2 a: closely related to <paraldehyde> b: involving substitution at or characterized by two opposite positions in the benzene ring that are separated by two carbon atoms <paradichlorobenzene>3 a: faulty : abnormal <paresthesia> b: associated in a subsidiary or accessory capacity <paramedical> c: closely resembling : almost <paratyphoid>
1 a (1): earlier than : prior to : before <Precambrian> <prehistoric> (2): preparatory or prerequisite to <premedical> b: in advance : beforehand <precancel> <prepay>2: in front of : anterior to <preaxial> <premolar>
1 : earlier than : prior to : before <prenatal> <precancerous>
2 : in front of : before <preanal> <preaxial> <premolar>
1 a : PRE- 1 <prochondral> b : rudimentary : immature : PROT- 1 <proerythrocyte> c : being a precursor of <proinsulin>
2 : front : anterior <pronephros>
3 : projecting <prognathous>
1 a: earlier than : prior to : before <prothalamion> b: rudimentary : prot- <pronucleus> c: precursory <proinsulin>2 a: located in front of or at the front of : anterior to <procephalic> b: front : anterior <prothorax>3: projecting <prognathous>
1 a (1): over and above : higher in quantity, quality, or degree than : more than <superhuman> (2): in addition : extra <supertax> b (1): exceeding or so as to exceed a norm <superheat> (2): in or to an extreme or excessive degree or intensity <supersubtle> c: surpassing all or most others of its kind <superhighway>2 a: situated or placed above, on, or at the top of <superlunary> ; specifically : situated on the dorsal side of b: next above or higher <supertonic>3: having the (specified) ingredient present in a large or unusually large proportion <superphosphate>4: constituting a more inclusive category than that specified <superfamily>5: superior in status, title, or position <superpower>

1 : greater than normal : excessive <superovulation>
2 : situated or placed above, on, or at the top of <superciliary> ; specifically : situated on the dorsal side of
on or to the other side of: across: beyond
2. beyond in the periodic table
3 through
4. so or such as to change or transfer