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During a traffic stop officers conduct a name check that reveals the driver wanted on a traffic warrant. While the officers are placing the subject into custody he becomes an active resister by refusing to be cuffed. During the incident neither officer is battered or injured. What type of case report should be made along with completing a TRR?
Primary classification: Public Peace Violation. Secondary Classification:Other violation.
Officer Jones is involved in a fight while affecting an arrest. Due to the injuries sustained by Officer Jones he is unable to complete the required Tactical Response Report. According to department directive, who will assume the responsibility for completing the TRR for Officer Jones?
Supervisor notified of incident.
It is the responsibility of the _______to request the assignment of an evidence technician to take photographs of subjects who have been involved in a use of force incident and are injured, allege injury, or when otherwise deemed appropriate.
Supervisor notified of an incident involving a TRR.
As set forth by the US Supreme Court decision in Graham Vs. Connor, the central inquiry in every use of force case is whether the amount of force used by the officer was_______________.
Objectively reasonable in light of the particular circumstances faced by the officer.
Officer Lee responds to a robbery in progress at Corus Bank and observes the offenders exitting the bank and entering their get away car. As Officer Lee approaches the vehicle, the driver steps on the gas and directs the vehicle at Officer Lee. According to depatment policy Officer Lee___________.
Must move out of the path of the vehicle.
When a dept member has discharged their firearm and a person was injured or killed or identifiable property damage has occurred the __________ will be responsible for the inventory of the involved members firearm.
Forensic Services Section.
Post firearm discharge proceedures state that unless the member involved in a firearms discharge incident was disarmed, the involved member's firearm will remain holstered and secured pending the on scene arrival of the ____.
Watch commander and the Forensic Services Section.
During an arrest for DUI if the officer does not detect the odor of alcohol and believes the offender is under the influence of drugs or intoxicating compounds, the officer will___________.
Request that the offender submit to a blood and or urine test.
Officers certified as a breath analysis operator will observe the arrestee for ___minutes prior to administering the breath test.
20 Minutes.
An arrestee under_____years of age will not be taken for alternative chemical testing without the consent of parent or guardian.
In the event that a vehicle stop for violation of the cell phone ordinance leads to physical arrest for charges other than traffic violations, can the cell phone be inventoried?
The cell phone can be inventoried.
All violations regarding the use of mobile telephones while driving will be written on a _____citation.
While conducting roll call training one of your officers asks if the Use of Mobile Telephones cell phone ordinance may be used to establish probable cause for a vehicle stop. Which of the listed statements would be the most appropriate reply to the question?
Yes because its a primary offense.
P.O. Jones is involved in a police shooting. According to CPD policy who will ensure that all fired projectiles have been accounted for without contaminating or interfering with the collection and maintenance of evidence?
Assigned sgt.
When a P.O.s firearm was used to destroy an animal a ______ may waive a firearm inventory and ballistic examination of the POs weapon.
Watch commander
In any instance where a member has discharged a firearm outside the city of chicago, the member will notify the local police agency and _______.
Operations Command.
Captain Blue as watch commander determines that an incident was an accidental discharge of a firearm by a lt. where nobody was killed or injured. Prior to the end of his tour or duty, Captain Blue will review the TRR's for legibility and completeness and_______.
Complete the "Watch Commander ADS Review" section himself, as the discharge was accidental and nobody was injured.
Who is responsible for establishing the inner and outer perimeter at the scene of a members discharge of a firearm?
Assigned sgt.
When a member discharges a chemical agent in the performance of official duties, the member must notify the following?
OEMC, his supervisor, and the desk sergeant in the district of occurrance.
When a member who has discharged a firearm is unable to complete the TRR for any reason, it will become the responsibility of a supervisor designated by the ______to prepare the report.
Watch Commander.
When a member who has discharged his firearm is unable to complete the TRR for any reason, it will become the responsibility of a supervisor designated by ___ to prepare the report.
Watch Commander
Who would officer jones notify if he responded to a call of vicious pit bull, shot at the dog but missed, and the round imbedded in a lawn?
Notify OEMC, his supervisor, and the desk sgt in the district of occurrance and complete a TRR and Misc X card.
A firearms dischared occurred in 002 but involved officers from the 021 District. Given these circumstances which watch commander is responsible for directing the preliminary investigation?
The watch commander designated by the on duty ADS operations command.
After a member has discharged his or her firearm for an incident other than destruction of an animal, who is responsible for ensuring an on scene inspection of the members weapon by the forensic services section?
The watch commander from the district of occurrence.
During a round table panel discussion one member is allowed to question the involved officer. Who designates that person?
An individual designated by the commander of the affected detective division area.
When a pursuit is initiated on a city wide radio frequency the ______is charged with the responsibility for monitoring the pursuit.
Supervisor or the initiating unit.
Bt. 812 observes Bedford Park Police chase a vehicle into chicago chity limits. At this point, after notifying OEMC, Bt. 812 should_____.
Not become involved unless specifically authorized by a supervisor.
The deliberate tactic by one or more police vehicles to forcibly strike, while attempting to stop a pursued vehicle is_______.
Members will not engage in a motor vehicle pursuit if they are operating_______vehicles.
Bt. 2512 was in pursuit of a vehicle. Bt. 2523 was driving the same direction and speed on an adjacent street. Bt. 2623 was_____________? Following? Caravanning? Paralleling
As a sgt you monitor a vehicle pursuit. After determining the pursuit does not conform to the balancing test, you terminate the pursuit. At this point you should__________________?
Immediately proceed to the termination point take control of the scene, and provide guidance and support.
Bt. 2511 crashes into a light pole. Both police officers sustain serious injuries and are transported to the hospital. Under these circumstances who is responsible for obtaining the pursuit tracking number?
The assigned supervisor.
Who may appove requests for additonal units to join a pursuit if it appears that the members engaged in the pursuit may not be able to safely affect the arrest of the suspects being pursued once the pursuit terminates?
The supervisor assigned to monitor the pursuit.
A deliberate tactic by two or more vehicles to stop or reduce speed by the manuevering of plice vehicles in front, behind, or beside a pursued vehicle is known as?
Boxing in.
The following and direct participation in a pursuit by more than two police vehicles is an example of?
A deliberate tactic by a police vehicle operator to cause a pursued vehicle to crash into a parked vehicles or fixed objects is?
Forcing collision.
Officer Jones is unsure where to obtain a pursuit tracking number. As his supervisor you would advise officer Jones to contact________
Major Accident investigation unit.
Unless otherwise authorized by a supervisor, an active pursuit will involve how many vehicles?
No more than a primary and one secondary pursuit unit unless otherwise authorized by a supervisor.
You are a sgt monitoring a vehicle pursuit which leaves chicago and enters Oak Park. Policy requires the pursuing vehicle to _________.
Get approval from the supervisor monitoring the pursuit to continue the pursuit.
Silence by the assigned supervisor monitoring a motor vehicle pursuit will indicate which of the following?
Tacit approval and shared responsibility for continuation of the pursuit.
You observe an offender steal a radio from walgreens. He enters a auto and you pursue him. Given the circumstances what should a sgt. monitoring the chase do? Assing a unit? remain silent for tacit approval? Terminate the chase due to the offense of theft?
Immediately terminate the chase.
Bt. 2520 is assigned to monitor a vehicle pursuit initiated by 2512. Bt. 2520 Hears the pursuit cross over to the next district. Under these circumstances what should bt. 2520 do?
Continue to monitor the chase because he is responsible for monitoring and managing the pursuit until termination, regardless of geographic area.
Which of the following phases accurately describes the balancing test as referred in the general orders concerning vehicle pursuits?
"The necessity to immediately apprehend the fleeing subject outweighs the level of inherent danger created by a motor vehicle pursuit.
Where will a supervisor meet memebers who were actively engaged in a vehicle pursuit upon termination?
the location at which the pursuit terminated.
According to General Order a vehicle pursuit immediately terminated_____________.
When the speeds involved and or the maneuvering practices permit the department vehicle operator complete control of the vehicle but creates an unwarranted danger to himself or others.
It is the responsibility of the _____ to obtain the Pursuit Tracking Number from MAIU.
Operator of the primary pursuit unit.
When can a member become involved in a pursuit initiated by another law enforcement agency?
Only when specifically authorized by a supervisor.
In relation to the operation of a police vehicle's emergency lights and sirens during non pursuit emergency response, a vehicle operator may exercise discretion when in close proximity to __________
Crime Scene ( Poor question)
A Priority 1 is categorically defines as____ and emergency vehicle operation is _________?
An immediate dispatch / justified.
According to Illinois statute who has the responsibility for inspecting any reported repairs in which the manufactureres indentification number plate was reaffixed?
Illinois State Police Vehicle Inspection Bureau. ( We need to know this why?)
How many days does a person have to make arrangements to have their vehicle inspected when they have their vehicle identification number plate removed and reaffixed?
90 Days (WTF)
It shall not be a defense to vehicle theft conspiracy that a person with whom the accused is alleged to have conspired with has_________.
Been acquitted.
You are supervising two bet cars. 2 out of the 4 p.O.s assigned to the cars had to use force to an offender who was actively resisting. How many TRR's are required?
According to Cell Phone Ordinance, all violations of MCC Section 9-40-260 will be processed as____________.
Issued a traffic citation taht will be adjudicated in Traffic Court.
A violation of the ciy cell phone ordinance can be used to establish probable cause because it is a ________.
A primary offense.
Joe is parked with the engine running while talking on his cell phone. Can you right Joe a ticket?
NO, there is no violation of the cell phone ordinance because the vehicle is in a stationary parked position.
Any person who violates the cell phone ordinance is subject to a fine of 50.00. If it occurs at the time of a traffic accident the driver may be subject to an additional fine not to exceed?
In the event that a vehicle stop for a violation or the cell phone ordinanace leads to a physical arrest for charges other than traffic violations, the cell phone can be inventoried as ______ in accordance with general orders.
Policy requires the completion of a patrol division canvass worksheet by preliminary investigators for certain events. Which type of incident is not stated in the provision?
Other incidents directed by detectives conducting the on scene investigation.
Your a sgt assigned to a bona fide shooting. You will______
Request assignment of a detective from the appropriate Area Detective Division.
Officer Smith is conducting a preliminary investigation of an apparent suicide. Which of the following directives will officer smith not use when notifying the area detective division?
A telephone located within the scene of the suicide.
If the integrity of a crime scene has been compromised, who will be immediately notified?
Assigned patrol division supervisor.
When creating an inner perimeter at a crime scene, which of the following will be used?
Red crime scene tape.
Who is responsible for overseeing the protection of the outer perimeter of a crime scene?
Assigned Patrol division supervisor.
A po assigned to protect a crime scene but not assigned to conduct the preliminary investigation will complete a ________report to record the identity of dept. members or non department members entering a crime scene.
PO johnson is assigned to a shooting and upon arrival sees two persons shot and a handgun in the street. It is starting to snow. You as sgt should direct PO Johnson to_______.
Wear rubber gloves, secure the weapon in a firearms envelope, and inventory the weapon.
Who is responsible to ensure that upon completion of a crime scene investigation all tape is removed and a wash down is ordered if necessary?
Patrol Division Supervisor.
Crime scene protection and processing is divided into three sections_______/_____/________/.
Outer perimeter, inner perimeter, staging area.
During a domestic disturbance the husband throws a punch at a po., just missing him. As a sgt. you would classify the husband as a ___________
Prior to using physical force, whenever reasonable, members will exercise which of the following?
Persuasion, advice, and warning.
Sgt. jones arrives on the scene of an active resistor, where officers are using appropriate force to take control of the subject. This subject now becomes a passive resister. Sgt. Jones should now make sure the officers take which course of action?
Lower the level of force.
The use of force is a _______that_______for all factors constituting the totality of circumstances by which a specific use of force is evaluated.
Guideline / cannot account.
The primary objective of the use of force is to ensure control of a subject with the reasonable force necessary based on the _____________
Totality of the circumstances.
It is the responsibility of the _________to inspect the leg iron control sheet during the required inspection of the lock up.
Desk sgt.
An officer arrests an 89 year old man for disorderly. The man uses a cane to walk. What statement most accurately describes department policy under these circumstances?
An arrestee taken into custody will be handcuffed unless handcuffing would be an excessive measure of restraint.
Officer smith has an unruly arrestee. Officer smith decides that hog tying his prisoner is the best way to show him whos the boss. Offier smith is?
Violating Dept arrestee restraint policy.
According to GO a member may exercise discretion in applying leg irons when?
It interferes with the application of emergency treatment.
According to GO an arrestee will not be handcuffed if physically disabled except when?
Being physically disabled does not preclude the use of restraining devices.
A person arrested for dui is subject to additional mandatory fine and community service if the person in violation is transporting persons under what age?
You are notified that your beat car has taken a school bus driver into custody for dui. He was transporting several children under 18 years of age. You should advise the po to charge the driver with?
Aggravated DUI
A bus driver flags you down and tells you that a rider is causing a disturbance, raised his fist, and threatened to kick the drivers ass. What case report heading should be made?
Assualt / aggravated of a protected employee
A person shall operate upon a highway a first division vehicle which has a clearance between the frame and ground in excess of_____inches.
What type of report is used for a fire in which no real property is involved, and personal property has little or no monetary value?
Misc X .
The driver of a motor vehicle within Illinois shall not operate or permit operation of any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from____when the vehicle is being operated on a highway?
75 feet or more
According to 625/ 5/12 every motor vehicle will have an operating horn that can be heard from a distance of?
200 feet.
A non criminal accidental shooting report must be done on a?
When an officer handles a bogus check situation he must use which type of report?
Worthless document.
A cashier discovers 3 fake twenty dollar bills. What report should the po fill out?
Worthless document Deceptive practices / Couterfeiting Document.
You find a man sitting on the sidewalk. He tells and shows you hes been sniffing glue. What report do you tell him to prepare?
GOCR Other narcotic violation / Intoxicating Compounds.
You observe and catch a person spray painting a school. What case report should be made?
GOCR Criminal Damage / Institutional Vandalism.
You observe a half filled bottle of jack daniels on the back seat of a vehicle you pulled over. The appropriate charge related to the bottle on the seat would be?
Transportation or possession of alcoholic liquor in a motor vehicle.
One of your beat cars pulled over a limousine that had people in the back drinking. As a sgt. you will instruct the beat car to?
Allow the limousine to continue on its way if no violation exists.
A first conviction for a charge of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer will result in a suspension of a persons drivers license for a period of not more than_______months.
Two persons are competing against each other while driving down a strip of street, not letting either pass or overtake one another. What could they be charged with?
Drag racing.
At a landlord tenant dispute the tenanty is complaining that the landlord removed all the tenants property from the apartment. The landlord is in possession of an eviction order that stated the vacte date was a week ago. You should instruct your officer to?
Inform the tenant that the landlord is justified in disposing the tenants property.
The city may seek an eviction when the tenant commits ______or more controlled substance violations in a ______month period.
2 / 6
Members of CPD with knowledge of incidents of controlled substance violations by tenants should forward all copies of all case and arrest reports to the?
CAPS office within the district of occurence.
Under the municipal code concerning eviction for unlawful use of premise, who is responsible for the cost of the eviction proceedure?
Upon cause to believe a tenant has engaged in a pattern of controlled substance violations who may seek an eviction order from the dept. of administrative hearings?
The city of chicago.
To be legally intoxicated in the state of illinois the alcohol level must be at least?