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fill or call
avodart 1c po qd #30
avodart only comes in 0.5mg
it is a cap
it is a CYP 3a4 inhibitor caution with other Drugs
avodart consultation
ADR and administration (ie take with food etc)
pregnancy cat X -- pt should avoid blood donation during first 6months
major side effect sexual dysfunction and descreased libido These decrease with prolonged use >6months
flomax 1 cap qd #30
flomax only comes in .4mg remember to tell pt to take 30min after the same meal each day
some Rx may be written 2c qd if pts fail to respond to .4mg
pt consultation for flomax
ADR and administration (ie take with food etc)
take 30min after the same meal each day
if therapy is stopped for several days, restart with .4mg once daily if taking .8mg
ADR: orthostatic hypotension (>10%) HA dizziness abnormal ejaculation, Rhinitis, infection
may cause drowsyness, dizziness or impaired judgement with first dose (caution while driving) may also cause sexual dysfunction
fill or call
gleevec 400mg
1t po qd
fill this is the dose for CML it can be increased to 600mg qd
ALL is 600mg qd
available as 100 and 400mg
dose adjust for severe hepatic impairment and neutropenia (WBC) and thrombocytopenia (platlets)
gleevec 400mg 1t po qd
what axillilary labels do you add
take with food
yes to decrease GI irritation
tabs can be dispersed in water or apple juice using 200ml for 400mg tab)
stir until dissolved and use immediately
pt consultation for gleevec
edema/fluid retention (81%)
fatigue fever HA dizziness anxiety depression rash pruritus hypokalemia N/V/D weight gain
neutropenia and trombocytemia and anemia
fill or call
xeloda 2000mg po bid #60
xeloda is 1250mg/m2 for an average person of 70kg and 64'' the dose would be about 2000mg it comes in 150 and 500mg
the frequency is correct (it is taken bid) however it is only taken for 2wks every 21 day intervals; so the Rx should be written for 28t with a refill
gleevec consultation
should be taken 30min after a meal
doses should be separated by 12hrs
avoid use of antacids
ADR: edema fatigue fever pain, dose limiting hand foot syndrome, dermatitis, N/V/D BMS
REPORT persistent diarrhea or abdominal pain; skin rash pain, tenderness or peeling (esp on hands and feet)
fill or call
temodar 75mg/m2 qd #42
fill this is for brain cancer
refractory astrocytoma 150mg/m2 for 5days repeat q28
glioblastoma 75mg/m2 for 42d with radiotherapy
ADR to temodar
fatigue, HA SZ, alopecia, N/V constipation, BMS
temodar axillary label
take with food
no -- it should be taken on an empty stomach with a full glass of water
fill or call
arimidex 1mg po qd #30
fill arimidex only comes in 1mg (for breast cancer)
Pt consultation for arimidex
maintain adequate hydration may cause drowsiness dizzines anxiety N/V may cause increase pelvic bone or tumor pain (may less with continued use) may cause hot flashes report any unresolved N/V or pain or burining upon urination severe mood swings anxiety palpiations swelling of extremities chest pain flu-like sx persistent bone pain difficulty breathing
when you are dispensing arimidex you the pt informs you she is premenopausal what do you do
safety and efficacy has not been established in premenopausal women
thalomid 200mg po qd
fill it is 200mg po qd (with dexamethasone 40mg qd on days 1-4, 9-12 and 17-20 of a 28 day tx cycle)
so if they should bring both Rx in or call MD
thalomid consultation
admin with water at bedtime once daily on an empty stomach at least 1hr after evening meal
Pregnancy cat X (thalomidolide babies) use two forms of contraception -- men can't donate sperm
ADR: hypotension, dizziness fatigue fever HA
fill or call
tarceva 150mg po qd #30
axilliary label take on empty stomach
this is the dose for NSCLC the dose for pancreatic cancer 100mg qd with gemcitabine
it should be taken on an empty stomach 1 hr before meals or 2hrs after
tarceva consultation
maintain adequate hydration take on an empty stomach may cause fatigue rash, or dry skin; hair loss; Nausea anorexia diarrhea
REPORT: persistent GI changes conjunctivitis or visual changes, difficultly breathing unusual cough fever or signs of infection
fill or call
casodex 50mg qd #30
fill; casodex only comes in 50mg strength
but it needs to be in combination with an LHRH analogue
casodex consultation
if you have DM monitor serum glucose closely and notify prescriber of changes
may cause dizziness confusion or drowsiness N/V constipation hair loss; or impotence
REPORT easy bruising or bleeding yellowing of skin or eyes change in color of urine or stool; unresolved CNS changes skin rash redness or irritation chest pain or palpitations
fill or call
pegasys 180mcg sc qwk #4
fill for Monotherapy Hep C it is taken for 48 wks
can be used in combo with ribavirin
sc in abdomne or right thigh
available as prefilled syringe 180mcg/.5ml and 180mcg/1ml vial the vial is a lot cheaper
pegasys axillilary labels
store in refrigerator do not freeze
yes do not freeze or shake
also protect from light
must also dispense a med guide
pegasys consultation
avoid drinking EtOH
requires eye exams and lab work
may cause HA insomnia dizziness loss of hair, nausea or anorexia diarrhea
report any severe or persistent ADR including nausea vomiting or adbominal or back pain severe depression anxiety or suicidal ideation chest pain or palpitations or difficulty breathing
fill or call
ortho evra 1t qd
ortho evra is a patch applied qwk
fill or call
yaz 1t qd
fill or call
nuvaring 1t qd
nuvaring is a vaginal ring insert 1 qmonth remove on week 3
fill or call
yasmin 28 1t qd
fill or call
orthro tri-cyclen lo 1t qd
fill or call
trinessa 1t qd
fill or call
combivent 2 puffs qid #1 Refill #2
max 12 inhalations in 24hrs
watch for peanut allergy with ipatropium
Spiriva Handihaler
inhale 1cap bid
disp #1
call sprivia is a long acting anticholingeric dosing is once a day
*don't forget to check for lactose allergy and soy allergy
axillilary lables for spiriva Handihaler
store in frig do not freeze
no spiriva and the caps can be stored at room temp
pt consultation with spirivia
about administration and storage
caps are stored in blister pack do not take out unless for immediate use
keep the caps dry
press the green piercing tip only once
fill or call
tussionex #100ml
1 tsp q8h prn cough
call tussionex max dose is 10ml per day this would give 15ml per the instructions should read 1tsp q12h or bid
it is a CIII
tussionex axillilary labels
store in refrigerator do not freeze
do not drink EtOH
no it is stored at room temp
yes do not drink EtOH because of hydrocodone excessive fatigue