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If you have been using the computer for a long time, how often should you take a break?
every hour
When you palce a board on a workbench, what should you make sure of?
that it does not hang over or outside of the rack
Electrical current flows from
negative to positive
When it comes to parliamentary procedure, if no one seconds your motion then it is considered to be
If you spill something, what should you do?
clean it up immediately
When working with machines what is important to do with your long hair, jewlry,neckties, sleeves and other long items?
restrain long hair and remove loose items
When it comes to parliamentary procedure, this type of motion alters how the main motion is treated. This must be voted on before the main motion
subsidiary motion
What if you have just a small injury like a slinter?
report all accidents no matter how small
If you do not know how to safely operate a machine, what should you do?
do not operate
Which one of the following is used to automate the management of different types of data
Once you make a motion, you should wait for it to be
If you are using equipment like an office type chair and a computer keyboard for long periods of time, what precaution should you take?
make sure the equipment is adjusted for your body
This is a special drawing in which each electronic component in a circuit is shown as a symbol.
If yoy have taken a cold medication before technology education class, what should you do?
avoid laboratory work
Which one of the following software types is useful for integrating differnt types of media together
Where should you store oily rags?
metal, lidded container
When it comes to parliamentary procedure, being fair to everyone through majority rules is like being
A device that can detect the absence or presence of a condition is know as which one of the following?
Which one of the following is accomplished by using a database and word processor together?
mail merge
For a database, all information about one "person" or a row is known as what?
What must be worn at all times when anyone is working in the lab?
safety glasses/goggles
When it comes to parliamentary procedure,before you can make a motion you must
otain the floor
When it comes to conducting effective meetings, if you aviod becoming defensive when someone else's ideas conflict with your, you will be more likely to:
consider new ideas
In this type of learnig, each student with a given group may have specific tasks for which he or she is responsible
cooperative learning
The official student association that provides technology education stuednts an opportunity to develop leadership skills is know as
For presentation software, when you are able to go from any slide to any othe slide, then the presentation is said to be