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What 2 triangles make up the perineum?
-Ischioanal (A)
-Urogenital (UG)
What does the UG diaphragm do?
Fills a defect in the Pelvic Diaphragm - where muscles go around outlets.
What is the UG Diaphragm composed of?
Muscle / 2 layers of fascia:
-Inferior (Perineal membrane)
What spaces are created by the UG Diaphragm fascial layers?
1. DEEP pouch (above perineal membrane
2. SUPERFICIAL pouch (below perineal membrane)
What is the DEFINITION of the UG diaphragm?
"A thin sheet of striated muscle stretching between the 2 sides of the pubic arch"
What muscles are in the UG Diaphragm?
1. Deep transverse perineii
2. Sphincter urethrae
What passes thru the UG Diaphragm?
-Vagina (females)
Where is the superficial pouch?
Below the inferior fascia / perineal membrane.
What muscles are in the superficial pouch?
What is important to remember about the INFERIOR fascia of the UG Diaphragm?
It is continuous with the deep layer of fascia - anteriorly and posteriorly
What fascia layer lies superficial to the Perineal / Inferior fascia of UG Diaph?
Superficial perineal fascia
What is the Superficial perineal fascia continuous with?
Colle's fascia
What is the Superficial perineal Colles' fascia attachd to? (3 things)
1. Fascia lata of thigh
2. Pubic arch
3. Base of inferior fascia
What is "Dartos" Fascia?
Just superficial/colles' fascia, thrown over the penis and scrotum to cover testes/spermatic cords.
7 things in MALE superficial pouch:
1. Penis root
2. Proximal spongy urethra
3. IPA branches
4. Pudendal nerves
5. Superficial transverse perineii
6. Ischiocavernosus m.
7. Bulbospongiosus m.
4 things in FEMALE superficial pouch:
1. Superficial transverse perineii m.
2. Ischiocavernosus m
3. Bulbocavernosus m
4. Greater vestibular bulb and 2 glands
What is significant about the greater vestibular bulb in females?
It is highly vascularized and subject to straddle injury
4 things in MALE deep pouch:
1. Membranous urethra
2. Sphincter urethra
3. Cowper's glands
4. Deep transverse perineii m.
4 things in FEMALE deep pouch:
1. Urethra
2. Sphincter urethral muscle
3. Inferior vagina
4. Deep transverse perineii m.