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What are the seven visual components?! H*
tone, color, space, line, shape, movement, rhythm
the creepy stalker lurks somewhere, might rape.
What are the 3 variations on space?
1. deep/flat
2. ambiguous/recognizable
3. open/closed
What is ambiguous space?
The viewer can't understand the actual size of the objects in the frame or finds the shot unrecognizable
What is open space?
Not all the information is contained in the frame
What is a depth cue? What are the 9 depth cues? *h
Depth cue - cues you to deep space; textural difference,convergence, Size difference, movement, separation, aerial diffusion, tonal separation, color, overlapping
the creepy stalker moves stealthily and dares to creep over.
What two things indicate movement depth cues?
1. movement perpendicular to (away from) the camera
2. 3 dimensional camera moves
What emotional qualities do (specific) lines suggest? H*
Vertical - power/strength
Diagonal - confusion/tension/internal struggles
Vertical lines, diagonal lines
What are the two types of shape?
2d (circle, square, triangle), 3d (sphere, cube, pyramid)
What is tone?
The brightness range of objects in the shot
What are the 3 ways that brightness can be controlled?
1. art direction (reflective control)
2. Lighting (incident control)
3. Exposure (less selective)
How is art direction used to adjust tone?
colors in a shot have different tones
How is lighting used to adjust tone?
the amount of light falling on a subject can be adjusted
How is exposure used to adjust tone?
this cannot be controlled as much, since you have to stick with one thing once you get it.
What is coincidence/noncoincidence of tone?
c - the tone reveals the subject
nc - the tone obscures the subject
Is coincidence or noncoincidence of tone more prevalent in films?
In what type of films is noncoincidence of tone used?
film noir, horror
What is hue?
the actual color
What is brightness?
where a color is on the tonal range (like on the gray scale)
What is saturation?
the purity of the hue
What colors saturate the brightest? the darkest?
yellow, blue/purple
What are the 3 types of movement?
1. object movement
2. camera movement
3. audience point of attn
What is contrast continuum of movement within the shot?
typical 2 shot
What is affinity of continuum within the shot? ex?
your eye follows something within the shot; goodfellas
Contrast of continuum shot to shot?
jump cut
what is affinity of continuum shot to shot?
on the cut, your eyes stay in the same place
What is alternation according to rhythm?
change in state between different rhythms
What is repetition according to rhythm?
repeating an alternation
What is tempo according to rhythm?
of repetition of alternation
What do contrast and affinity do visually?
Greater contrast: more visual intensity; affinity: less intensity
What do the graphs look like for a visual element graphed as a 1) constant 2) progression 3) contrast/affinity
constant: straight line,
progression: diagonal line
c/a: straight line with intense spikes (like iv)
What is the aspect ratio?
How is it expressed? H*
Pair of numbers indicating the size relationship between width and height of a
frame, it is width:height
rows * columns, width * height
What is the aspect ratio for academy aperture? American widescreen?