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Theatrical, grand, spectacular, magnificent, full of splendor, paintings-busy, active, light/dark, charidsdfnsdjk detailed
Terraced Dynamics
(Figured bass) -- a low bass line played by a melodic bass instrument plus a keyboard. Whole musical structure rested on the bass part.
basso continuo
A vocal line in opera, oratoria, or cantata that imitates the rhythms and inflections (pitch fluctuations) of speech, little accompaniment, no beat (excpet for the spoken word), words no repeated
Drama with orchestra and scenery - large scale - secular
Song for solo voice; tuneful, melodious, words repeated, rearranged - song form, steady beat, rich accompaniment
Song for choir with orchestral accompaniment
Affections of "affect" of a piece. ONE EMOTION
Unity of Mood
(obstinate or persistent bass) 0 Constant repitiion of the bass pattern.
Basso ostinato
The text of the opera usually written by a librettist, or dramatist, and set to music by the composer.
generates atmosphere and makes comments on the actions. Create a tonal background for soloists
Opera chorus
a short musical composition, purely orchestral, which opens an opera and sets the overall dramatic mood.
Overture or Prelude.
Musical ornament consisting of rapid alternation of two tones that are a whole or a half step apart.
Has a bleeting sound, like a goat
Goat trill