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jun (decameron)

bound up, day = decameron
shaku (ladle)

bound up, drop = ladle
teki (bull's eye)

white, ladle = bull's eye
shu (neck)

horns, nose = neck
otsu (fishguts)
ran (riot)

tongue, fishhook = riot
shoo (straightaway)

ten, eyes, fishhook = straightaway
gu (tool)

eye, (tool table) = tool
shin (true)

ten, eyes, (tool table) = true
koo (craft)
sa (left)

by my side, craft = left
u (right)

by my side, mouth = right
yuu (posses)

by my side, flesh = possess
wai (bribe)

shellfish, possess = bribe
koo (tribute)

craft, shellfish = tribute
koo (paragraph)

craft, head = paragraph
too (sword)
jin (blade)

sword, drop = blade
setsu (cut)

seven, swords = cut
shoo (seduce)

sword, mouth = seduce
shoo (shining)

sun, seduce = shining
soku (rule)

shelfish, sabre = rule
fuku (vice-)

wealth, sabre = vice-
betsu (seperate)

mouth, bound up, sabre = separate
tei (street)
choo (village)

rice field, street = village
ka (can)

mouth, street
choo (place on head)

street, head = place on head
shi (child)
koo (cavity)

child, fishhook = cavity
ryoo (complete)

(child w/o arms) = complete
jo (woman)
koo (fond)

woman, child = fond
jo (likeness)

woman, mouth = likeness
bo (mama)
kan (pierce)

(mama), shellfish = pierce
kei (elder brother)

mouth, human legs = elder brother
koku (overcome)

needle, elder brother = overcome
shoo (little)
shoo (few)

little, drop = few
dai (large)
ta (many)

(two moons) = many
seki (evening)
seki (eventide)

water, evening = eventide
gai (outside)

evening, wand = outside
mei (name)

evening, mouth - name
seki (stone)

(overhanging cliff), mouth = stone
shoo (resemblance)

small, moon (flesh) = resemblance (candle)
shoo (nitrate)

stone, resemblance (or candle)= nitrate
sai (smash)

stone, nine ten (wicket) = smash
sa (sand)

stone, few = sand
gen (plane)

resemblance (candle), sabre = plane
koo (ray)

small, human legs = ray
ta (plump)

large, drop = plump
ki (utensil)

4 mouths, dog = utensil
shuu (stinking)

oneself (nose), large (dog) = stinking
myoo (exquisite)

woman, few = exquisite
shoo (focus)

few, eye = focus
koo (thick)

cliff, sun, child = thick
ki (strange)

St. Bernard, can = strange
sen (stream)
shuu (state)

(islands in the stream) = state
jun (obey)

stream, head = obey
sui (water)
hyoo (icicle)

water (with drop on left) = icicle
ei (eternity)

(water with drop on top) = eternity