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A point of connection between 2 blood supply routes
Collateral supply
Blood suppplied to an underperfused area by an alternate or 2ndary route
Arterial endzone
The most distal part of an arterial supply; may or may not have collateral supply via anastomoses
Extracranial vessels
Arterial components just distal to Extracranial vessels:
Pre-cortical arteries
What are the Precortical Arteries?
From what do the Precortical arteries arise?
Intracranial Branching of Carotid/Vertebral arteries
Arterial components just distal to Precortical vessels:
Precortical Perforating arterioles
Why are they called perforating arteries?
B/c they penetrate into the Brainstem, Thalamus, and Basal Ganglia
What vessels are distal to Precortical perforating arterioles?
Surface arteries and arterioles
What are the 6 levels of arterial components, biggest to smallest?
1. Extracranial Vessels
2. Large precortical arteries
3. Precortical perforating aa.
4. Surface aa and arterioles
5. Cortical perforating arterioles
6. Capillaries
What are the precortical perforating arteries?
The ones that penetrate the brain before the feeding arteries actually get to the cortex.
What are the feeding arteries that get to the cortex?
Surface arteries and arterioles
What are the general features of surface arteries/arterioles?
-Much smaller than Precortical;
-Repeated branching and anastomoses w/ neighbor vessels
What are the Cortical perforating arterioles?
The ones that penetrate the brain tissue AFTER the feeding arteries went through cortex.
How are the cortical perforating arterioles oriented?
Perpendicular to the brain surface
What is the feature of the deepest branches of the cortical perforating arterioles?
They have very little collateral supply.
Which vessels have smooth muscle sphincters?
-Surface arterioles
-Cortical perforating arterioles