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Name the muscles of the anterior thigh.
psoas major and minor, iliacus, sartorius and quadriceps femoris
Name the muscles of the medial thigh. What is another name for this group?
pectineus, adductor longus, brevis and magnus, gracilis, obturator externus
Adductor group
What is the origin and insertion of the psoas major and minor?
o-transverse processes of lumbar vertebrae
i-lesser trochanter
Which nerve innervates the psoas major and minor? What are the spinal nerves?
direct branch of lumbar plexus L1,2,3
What action is shared by all the muscles of the anterior thigh?
flex thigh
What is the origin and insertion of the iliacus?
o-iliac fossa
i-tendon of psoas
Which nerve innervates the iliacus? Name the spinal nerves.
femoral nerve
What is the origin and insertion of the sartorius?
i-medial tibia
How many joints does the sartorius cross? What are its functions?
flex thigh and rotate laterally, also flex leg (sitting indian style)
What nerve innervates the sartorius?
femoral L2,3
Name the muscles of the quadriceps femoris.
rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius
Describe the insertion of the quadriceps femoris?
all four heads unite to form the quadriceps tendon which inserts on the anterior surface of the tibia (tibial tuberosity)
What protects the quadriceps tendon from abrasion at the knee joint?
Where does the patellar ligament extend?
from patella to tibia, it inserts at tibial tuberosity
What is the action of the quadriceps femoris?
rectectus femoris can flex thigh, all four heads extend leg
What nerve innervates the quadriceps femoris?
femoral nerve L2,3,4
What is the origin of the rectus femoris?
What is the origin of the vastus lateralis?
greater trochanter and lateral lip linea aspera
What is the origin of the vastus medialis?
intertrochanteric line and medial lip of linea aspera
What is the origin of the vastus intermedius?
anterior and lateral surface of body of femur
Which of the muscles of the medial thigh is considered a transitional muscle? Why is this the case, what is its action?
pectineus-part flexor, part adductor
What is the origin and insertion of the pectineus?
o-pectin pubis
i-pectineal line of femus
Which nerves innervate the pectineus?
obturator-adducts (L2,3)
Name the order of the adductor muscles from superficial to deep.
adductor longus-superficial
Which nerve innervates the adductor longus and brevis? Name the spinal nerves.
obturator N (L2,3,4)
What is the origin and insertion of the adductor longus?
o-body of pubis
i-middle 1/3 of linea aspera
What is the origin and insertion of the adductor brevis?
o-body & inferior ramus of pubis
i-proximal 1/3 of linea aspera
What is the action of the adductor brevis?
adduction of femus, some flexion possible
Discuss the origin and insertion of the adductor magnus.
o-inferior ramus of pubis, ischial ramus and ischial tuberosity
i-linea aspera distally to adductor tubercle
Which nerve innervates the portion of the adductor magnus that originates from the inferior raus of pubis and ischial ramus? What is this parts action? What about the portion that originates from the ischial tuberosity?
inferior ramus of pubis-obturator n (L2,3,4), more diagonal so adducts
ischial tuberostiy-tibial N L4, extension
What is the origin and insertion of the gracilis?
o-body of pubis
i-medial surface of tibia
What nerve innervates the gracilis?
obturator N (L2,3)
What is the action of the gracilis?
adduct femur, flex leg
What is the origin and insertion of the obturator externus?
o-obturator membrane
i-trochanteric fossa of femus
Which nerve innervates the obturator externus?
obturator N (L3,4)
What is the action of the obturator externus?
lateral rotation of femur
What is the femoral triangle?
region where structures ext the pelvis and enter the thigh
What binds the triangle?
superior-inguinal ligament
medial-adductor longus
What forms the roof and floor of the femoral triangle?
floor-deep muscular fascia of pectineus and iliopsoas
roof-fascia lata
What is the oval shaped defect of the fascia lata in the region of the femoral triangle called?
fossa ovalis or saphenous opening
In the region of the fossa ovalis what does the roof of the femoral triangle consit of? What is it referred to as?
subcutaneous fascia-crbriform fascia
Name the most important structures entering the femoral triangle from the pelvis.
gentiofemoral N, lateral femoral cutaneous N, femoral N, femoral sheath, lacunar ligament
Where are the genitofemoral N and lateral femoral cutaneous N located in the femoral triangle?
pass under the inguinal ligament, medial to ASIS
What does the femoral sheath contain?
femoral artery, vein and canal
What is the femoral canal?
empty space containing only lymphatics and fat
What is opening from the pelvis to the femoral canal called?
femoral ring
Where is the lacunar ligament located? Why is it important
extends from superior pubic ramus adjacent to the pubic tubercle up to the inguinal ligament
-it can cut off blood supply of intestines if a person gets a femoral hernia
What does the most medial portion of the femoral sheath contain?
fat and lymph
What is the transversalis fascia?
loose CT
Which muscle splits the obturator N?
adductor brevis
What is the femoral artery a continuation of? At what point is it referred to as the femoral artery?
external iliac artery
from midinguinal
Name the contents of the femoral sheath from lateral to medial.
nerve, artery, vein, empty, lymph (NAVEL)
Name the branches of the femoral artery.
superficial circumflex iliac
superficial epigastric
superficial external pudendal
deep external pudendal
musclular branches
profunda femoral artery
What is the princlipal artery that supplies the posterior thigh muscles?
profunda femoral
Name the branches of the profunda femoris artery.
lateral and medial circumflex femoral arteries
What does the lateral circumflex femoral artery supply?
head & neck of femur, upper lateral area of hip
Where is the long descending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery located?
along the vastus lateralis
What does the medial circumflex femoral artery supply?
most of head & neck of the femur, wupper adductor muscles and lateral rotators
In addition to the femoral artery what other arteries supply the thigh?
obturator artery and superior and inferior gluteal arteries
What is the obturator artery a branch of?
internal iliac artery
What does the obturator artery leave the pelvis through?
obturator foramen
The obturator artery gives off an acetabular branch what does it run along with? What does it supply?
-ligamentum capitis femoris
-head of femur
In 20-30% of individuals the 'obturator artery' may arise from which other artery?
inferior epigastric artery
What do the superior and inferior gluteal arteries arise from?
internal iliac artery
How do the superior and inferior gluteal arteries exit the pelvis?
through the greater sciatic notch above and below the piriformis muscle
Name the anasatomoses in the region of the hip.
(from external-from internal iliac)
medial circumflex femoral-obturator
superficial ext pudendal-internal pudendal
MFC-inferior gluteal
What are the main veins of the thigh?
great saphenous vein and small saphenous vein
On which side of the leg is the great saphenous vein located? small saphenous vein?
small-posterior part of leg
What does the great saphenous vein drain into? small?
What connects the superficial and deep veins?
perforating veins
How do the perforating veins penetrate the fascia lata? Why is this important?
at an angle, so when muscles contract they are constricted and backflow of blood is prevented
Describe the path of the lymph nodes starting with the superficial nodes?
superficial nodes, penetrate crbriform fascia, enter femoral sheath, drain into inguinal nodes in femoral canal, then into external iliac nodes located in the pelvis around the external iliac artery
Which side of the femoral vein are the deep inguinal nodes located?
Once the deep inguinal nodes pass through the femoral canal and into the pelvis what do they become?
external iliac nodes
Which nerve innervates the anterior compartment of the thigh?
fermoral L2,3,4
What is the terminal branch of the femoral N called?
saphenous N
Which nerve innervates the medial compartment of the thigh?
obturator L2,3,4
Which nerve innervates the posterior compartment of the thigh?
sciatic nerve L4,5 S1,2,3
What composes the sciatic nerve?
common fibular and tibial nerve
The common fibular and tibial nerves travel together until what spot?
popliteal fossa behind the knee
Which muscle does the common fibular nerve innervate?
short head of biceps femoris
What does the tibial nerve innervate?
hamstring group and the distal 1/2 of the adductor magnus
Where does the obturator nerve enter the thigh?
through the obturator foramen into the adductor group