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9 General Appearance ABNL
1. concious = lethargic
2. distress = clutching chest
3. state of health = chronically ill
4. skin color/obvious lesions = cyanosis, bruising
5. sex dev = no facial hair on male > 25 y/o
6. posture/gait/motor activity = leaning forward, ataxic, tremor
7. dress, grooming, personal hygiene = copper bracelet, grown out nailpolish, unkempt appearance
8. odors of body/breath = acetone
9. facial expression = immobile
6 ABNL skin
1. color = erythmatous
2. moisture = xerosis
3. temperature = cold
4. texture = rough
5. mobility/tugor = slow
6. lesion = brown nevi, upper R arm, unilateral
-quantity, distribution, texture, pattern of loss, nits/dandruff of hair
-facies of head
-position in relation to eye
-width of palpebral fissure
-condition & direction of eyelashes
-adequacy of eyelid closure
-lacrimal gland and sac for swelling
Inner eye appearance
-color of sclera and conjunctiva
-vascular pattern
Cornea, Lens and Iris
-opacity of cornea and lens
-clear marking of iris
-red reflex
Inner eye
-clarity of optic disc
-yellow-orange to creamy pink
-size of physiologic cup
-Arteries and Veins of retina
-skin lesions
Ear Canal
Tympanic membrane
-cone of light
-handle and short process of malleous
-pars flaccida and tensa
Nasal mucosa and turbinates
Nasal septum
-abnormalities (polyp/ulcer)
Oral mucosa
-white patches
Interior inspection of the mouth
-soft palate
-ant and post pillars
-enlargement of submandibular and parotid gland
-visable lymph nodes
ABNL lymph node
-capillary refill