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KeynotesQ: Eczema worse bathing in the sea
KeynotesA: Manganum
KeynotesQ: Great sensitivity to noise
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Worse exertion or sitting still, better walking slowly
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Long continued HA often lasting 2-3 days
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Fever but no localizing symptoms
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Flushes of heat
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Anemia
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Obesity
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Red flushed face, or pale that flushes easily
KeynotesA: Ferrum
KeynotesQ: Colitis with bloating, fermentation and belching
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Desires sardines or salty fish
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: High fever
KeynotesA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeynotesQ: Profuse hemorrhage which is painless
KeynotesA: Kali Ferrocyanatum
KeynotesQ: Low back pain and sciatica and nocturnal emissions
KeynotesA: Cobaltum
KeynotesQ: Extremely closed patients
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Mental dullness and slowness
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Convulsions worse suppressed eruptions
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Bellowing & shrieking before seizure
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Seizure, <pregnancy, menses, anger, sleep, wet, emotions
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Cramps and spasms of muscles
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Worse suppressed eruptions
KeynotesA: Cuprum, Zincum
KeynotesQ: Facial grimaces which he tries to hide
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Convulsions of face
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Face turns blue, cyanotic
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Paroxysms of severe cough
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Cough better by cold drinks
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Sudden attacks of suffocation worse 3AM
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Cramps of muscles (legs, hands, calves)
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Muscle cramps worse sleep and worse sex
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Thumbs drawn down and clenched in fists
KeynotesA: Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Hyper, overstimulated and oversensitive
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeynotesQ: Complaining and dissatisfied
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeynotesQ: Worse suppressed eruptions
KeynotesA: Zincum, Cuprum
KeynotesQ: Worse suppressed menses and better flow
KeynotesA: Zincum, Lachesis
KeynotesQ: Worse wine
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeynotesQ: Restlessness
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeynotesQ: Twitches, jerks, fasiculations (twitching of small bundles of muscles)
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeynotesQ: Restless legs, constantly moves legs and feet
KeynotesA: Zincum
KeyWordQ: Better lying
KeyWordA: Manganum Aceticum
KeyWordQ: Obese, colitis
KeyWordA: Ferrum Iodatum
KeyWordQ: Iron will
KeyWordA: Ferrum
KeyWordQ: Symptomless acutes
KeyWordA: Ferrum Phosphoricum
KeyWordQ: Sciatica and emissions
KeyWordA: Cobaltum
KeyWordQ: Spasms
KeyWordA: Cuprum
EssencesQ: Anorexia
EssencesA: Vanadium
EssencesQ: Feeling he is a criminal & others know
EssencesA: Cobaltum
EssencesQ: Defense/Performance, Need to faultless
EssencesA: Cobaltum
EssencesQ: Defense/Performance: Duty and Ego
EssencesA: Niccolum
EssencesQ: Cannot tolerate injustice
EssencesA: Niccolum, Causticum
EssencesQ: Cramping and Suppression
EssencesA: Cuprum
EssencesQ: Attack/Defense: Paroxysmal & Violent
EssencesA: Cuprum
EssencesQ: Attack/Defense: Constant anxiety re attack
EssencesA: Zincum
EssencesQ: Easy suppression, dissatisfaction & restlessness
EssencesA: Zincum
SankaranEssenceQ: Bitterness and shyness, dominating parents
SankaranEssenceA: Manganum
SankaranEssenceQ: Performance/Defense, Someone forcing them against their will
SankaranEssenceA: Ferrum
SankaranEssenceQ: Defense/Performance, Need to be faultless
SankaranEssenceA: Cobaltum
SankaranEssenceQ: Defense/Performance, duty and ego
SankaranEssenceA: Niccolum
SankaranEssenceQ: Attack/Defense: Paroxysmal and violent
SankaranEssenceA: Cuprum
SankaranEssenceQ: Attack/Defense: Constant anxiety re attack
SankaranEssenceA: Zincum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Malaria: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum muriaticum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Ringworm: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Sycosis: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum bromatum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Cancer: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum pIcricum, Ferrum arsenicOsum (FIFO)
Miasm&FamilyQ: Tubercular: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum phOsphoricum, Ferrum Iodatum (FO-FI)
Miasm&FamilyQ: Syphilis: Ferrums
Miasm&FamilyA: Ferrum iodatum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Typhoid: Cuprums
Miasm&FamilyA: Cuprum aceticum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Ringworm: Cuprum
Miasm&FamilyA: Cuprum
Miasm&FamilyQ: Cancer: Cuprums
Miasm&FamilyA: Cuprum arsenicosum
FearsQ: Cuprum
FearsA: Fire
FearsQ: Fire
FearsA: Cuprum
DelusionsQ: Surroundings seem large
DelusionsA: Ferrum
DelusionsQ: Surroundings are capacious
DelusionsA: Ferrum
DelusionsQ: That he is a general
DelusionsA: Cuprum
DelusionsQ: Being a commander
DelusionsA: Cuprum, Cannabis Indica
DelusionsQ: Officers called on him
DelusionsA: Cuprum
DelusionsQ: Thinks he is selling green vegetables
DelusionsA: Cuprum
DelusionsQ: Thinks he is repairing old chairs
DelusionsA: Cuprum, Cuprum-Ac
DelusionsQ: Thinks he is gathering Herbs
DelusionsA: Cuprum, Belladonna
DelusionsQ: Immaterial objects in room
DelusionsA: Cuprum Aceticum (2), Lyssinum
DelusionsQ: Devils after her
DelusionsA: Zincum (2)
DelusionsQ: Specters on waking
DelusionsA: Zincum, Dulcamara
DelusionsQ: Horrible visions on waking
DelusionsA: Zincum
DelusionsQ: Inner voices speaking filthy and abusive language
DelusionsA: Zincum (2)
DelusionsQ: Objects are double
DelusionsA: Zincum, Anhalonium (2)
DelusionsQ: Has goiter which he cannot see over
DelusionsA: Zincum
DelusionsQ: Images moving up and down
DelusionsA: Zincum
DelusionsQ: Everyone notices his flatus
DelusionsA: Zincum Phosphoricum
SidednessA: Right
FoodCravingsQ: Ferrum
FoodCravingsA: SWEETS, Bread and butter, Tomatoes
FoodCravingsQ: Ferrum Iodatum
FoodAversionsQ: Ferrum
FoodAversionsA: EGGS, Tomatoes
FoodAversionsQ: Zincum
FoodAversionsA: Fish, Sweets
ComplementsQ: Ferrum
ComplAns: China
ComplementsQ: China officinalis
ComplAns: Ferrum
ComplementsQ: Alumina
ComplAns: Ferrum, Bryonia
ComplementsQ: Cuprum
ComplAns: Calcarea Carbonica
ImportantRubricsQ: Chronic anemias
ImportantRubricsA: Ferrum, China
ImportantRubricsQ: Right shoulder pain
ImportantRubricsA: Ferrum Mur, Sanguinaria (Left shoulder pain: Chelidonium)
ImportantRubricsQ: Superstitiousness
ImportantRubricsA: Zincum, Conium, Arg Nitr, Rhus Tox, Stram (Z CARS)