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a, ab
by;from/ prep/ abdicate
audiuvo, advare, adiutus
help/ verb/ 1 conj/adjutant
annus, anni
year/ noun/2nd/ asend
ascendo, asendere asendi
climb/ verb/ 3rd conj/ ascend
barbarus, barbari
barbarian/ noun/ 2nd dec/ barbarian
celo, celare, celavi, celatus
hide/ verb/ 1 conj/ conceal
around/ prep/ circumnavigate
confido, confidere, confisussum
trust/ verb/ 3 conj/ confide
dieco deicere, deieci, diecitus
thrown down/ verb/ 3rd-io/ deject
durus, dura, durum
harsh/ adj 1,2 / durable
efficio, efficere, effeci, effectus
carry out/ verb/ 3rd-io/ efficient
extraho, extrahere, extraxi, extractus
drag out / verb/ 3rd conj/ extract
fons, fontis
spring/ noun/ 3rd conj/ fountain font
gravis, grave
heavy/ adj/ 3/ grave