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What is a NORM
A guideline or an expectation for behavior
How do Norms differ?
1. Different Settings
2. Different Countries
3. Different time periods
List the 4 norm categories
1. Folkways
2. Mores
3. Laws
4. Taboos
A norm for everyday behavior that people follow for the sake of convenience or tradition.
Norm based on Morality- dfinitions of right or wrong.
A norm that is written down and enforced by an official agency. Voilation has a specific punishment.
A norm society holds so strongly that violating it results in extreme disgust.
Where there are rules there are rule breakers.
Violation of a norm, anyone who does not fiollow a norm, in either a good way or a bad way
Social Control
Methods societies devise to encorage people to observe norms.
Method for maintaining social control.
Positive Sanctions
Rewards someone for following a norm and serves to encourage the continuace of a certain type of behavior.
Negatice Sanctions
Ways a socity or group uses to communicate thta they do not aopprove of a particular behavior.