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Eyelid: Palpebral conjunctiva

-conjunctival fornix
I. Eyelid and Lacrimal Apparatus

A. Eyelid

1. Palpebral conjunctiva: mucosa covering the posterior surface of the eye-
lid; it turns back on itself at a region called the conjunctival fornix and
becomes continuous with the bulbar conjunctiva covering the anterior
part ofthe sclera or "white of the eye"
Eyelid: TARSUS

what does it border? attachments?
I. Eyelid and Lacrimal Apparatus

A. Eyelid

2. Tarsus: semilunar plate of dense connective tissue between the palpe-
bral conjunctiva and superficial fascia; borders the free margin of the
eyelid and attaches to the medial and lateral walls ofthe orbit, just in-
side the orbital margin, via the medial and lateral palpebral ligaments,
I. Eyelid and Lacrimal Apparatus

A. Eyelid

3. Tarsal glands: modified sebaceous glands within a tarsus; their ducts
open on the free margin of the eyelid and their oily secretion forms a
surface film that reduces evaporation of lacrimal fluid

-location? attachment?
-receives sympathetic inn.?
-how does it contract?
4. Tarsal muscles

a. Superior tarsal muscle: smooth muscle within the tendon of levator
palpebrae superioris that attaches to the tarsus ofthe upper eyelid;
receives sympathetic innervation from the internal carotid plexus and
contracts reflexly to elevate the upper eyelid

-from where to where does it extend?

b. Inferior tarsal muscle: smooth muscle extending from the tarsus of
the lower eyelid to the fascial sheath of the inferior rectus muscle;
its function is unknown