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What famous trial took place during the 1920s?
The Scottsboro case took place in 1931.
The 1920s flapper, with her thin silhouette, shortish skirt, long necklace, bobbed hair, & bee-stung lips was epitomized by who?
Clara Bow was the quintessential flapper.
After landing in Paris in 1927 after his nonstop solo flight from New York, what were Charles Lindbergh's words?
"I am Charles A. Lindbergh."
How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit in the 1927 season to break the major league record?
60. Ruth was later surpassed, of course, by home run champs McGwire & Sosa.
Which of these figures did not live in Paris during the twenties?

William Faulkner
Josephine Baker
Gertrude Stein
William Faulkner lived a long, secluded life in Oxford, Mississippi.
When was the 19th Amendment (granting women suffrage) passed?
Woman's suffrage was first granted by Wyoming in 1869, followed by the constitutional amendment in 1920.
What scandal took place in the 1920s?
The Teapot Dome, an oil reserve scandal, began in 1921.
What famous device was invented in the 1920s?
Hubert C. Booth invented the electric vacuum cleaner in 1901.
On what day did the stock market reached its absolute nadir during the crash of 1929?
The event was nicknamed Black Tuesday.
What famous film debut was in the twenties?
James Whale's Bride of Frankenstein.