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Henry Ford
Made the first auomobile called the Ford Model T.
General Strike
"A strike in which many unions participate in order to show worker unity" (pg.1030 Prentice Hall)
A new fashion for women. Now women were showing more flesh in public by wearing shorter skirts than they did before.
Red Scare
"Fear of communism, solcialism, or otherso-called extreme ideas." (pg.1034)
The theory that humans were devloped from apes.
Harlem Rennaissance
"Period in the early 1900's during which the literary, musical, and artistic expression of African Americans blossomed in Harlem." (pg.1030 Prentice Hall)
Warren G. Harding
The Ohio senator.He want the U.S. to become normal again after the war.
Sacco and Vanzetti
Were accused anarchists and were sentenced to death.
Jazz age
"The term for the 1920's, a period marked by the great popularity of jazz music, which was linked to changes in manner, moral, and fashions." (pg.1030 Prentice Hall)
assembly line
A line of workers that would work on a finshed product.
"Hostily toward or dicrimination against Jewish people." (pg.1027
"Practice of favoring native born citizens over immagrants." (pg.1032 Prentice Hall) Native born Americans.
When the press got censored from some material.
Marcus Garvey
When he was jailed he gave some money to a streamline that went to Africa.
Henry Ford
Made the first auomobile called the Ford Model T.
Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
A racist group that did hate crime towards minorities.
Calvin Coolidge
Wanted the U.S. to become normal after the war.
Charles A. Lindenburg
"He was a stunt flyer and air mail pilot. He tied to cross the Atlantic but his blimp caught on fire." (pg.597 Prentice Hall)
"Chrisitian religous movement based on pamphlets issued between 1909 and 1914; holds that every word in the bible was inspired by God." (pg.1030)
Scopes Trial
"Tennessee trial of 1925 that challenged the laws against teaching evolution in public schools." (pg.1034