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Labor Unrest
many strikes

coal strikes led by john lewis
-ordered by court to go back to work

police strikes
-forbidden from forming a union but did anyway and striked
-boston is threatened by no P.O.
what does calvin coolidge say?
no body has the right to go on strike if it endangers the saftey of president

becomes vice president
fear of government being overthrown by communists

Palmer arrest many people that are accused of being communists; none of them were.

people lost faith in government and feared communism thats what caused red scare
American Civil Liberties Union
a union that provided lawyers for those who had their civil rights violated

a example is the scope trial
18th amendment to get rid of alcohol

caused organized crime
al capone

wets- get rid of 18th amendment
drys- keep 18th amendment

later roosevelt creates 21st amendment which gets rid of the 18th amendment
invites countries to washington for a disarment confrence
-got countries to limit navies
-u.s. signed a treaty w/60 other countries to outlaw war.
teapot dome scandal
some people in the Hardings administration
Albert Fall-sold government land to oil companines and kept the money
Charles Forbes- ripped off government of 250 million dollars building a hospital.
Coolige becoming president
Harding died of pnemonia. so vp coolidge becomes president

cleans out the government since a lot of scandals
Herbert Hoover

during his presidency the great depression occurs
Marcus Garvey
influenctial African American leader

created the Universal Negro Improvement Association

"Be proud of being African"

encouraged blacks to own their own businesses
and encouraged blacks to shop only at black shops

got sent back to Jamaca because he was on trial for "stealing money"
"My Mom is mean

very mean

very very mean

she's very very very mean
Harlem Renaissance
out pour of arts in harlem
themes: racism of the U.S.

duke ellington, laris Armstrong-band leaders

langston hughes-poet

Paul robeson-first African american fotball player,becomes lawyer, goes to russia and comes back without any critisim of russia, thought to be a communist
McNary Haugen Bill
government stopped buying food
-created food prices to go down
-over production
-u.s. government subsidizes american farmers
what is a significant change in the 20's?

rural-> urban

electricity becomes common in urban areas

factories convert to electricity
-becomes more productive

Taylor-efficiency expert
"scientific management"
"mass production"
"taylorize" be more efficent

electric machines
washing machine
refridgerators-changed diets of U.S.
made people in america talk alike
creates simultaneous emotion

advertising becomes more sophisticated
Age of Automobiles
1st time in history the automobile is affordable to the U.S.

automobiles become a big industry

suburbs are created
-lets people live farther from work

appearance of shopping malls
decline of downtown areas
decline of the railroad industry
F.Scott Fitzgerald-
this side of paradise
great gatsby

mainstreet, babbit

sun also rises
farewell to arms

as i lay dying
sound and the fury


writes about new england

e.e. cummings
never uses punctuation or capital letters