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By the year 2000 the United Nations had how many members?
This country was the largest of all the colonies
Many of the newly independent nations during the COld War were called non aligned nations or ______ nations
Third World Nations
East Pakistan became this new separate nation in 1971.
This egypian leader nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956 firmly establishing his nation's independence from Britain.
This was the first black African country to win its independence, in 1957
The first step in the Non-aligned nations movement was taken in 1955 when leaders from Africa and Asia met in this new country.
____ is a term that refers to the relationship of plants, animals, and humans to their environment and to one another.
This 1962 book by Rachel Carson exposedt the devastating effects on humans, wildlife, and plants, caused by the use of toxic chemicals.
Silent SPring
In 1949 communist revolutionaries took control of China, led by _____
Mao Zedong
After World War II, statesmen, political philosphers, and common people sought to create a global institution that could counterbalance the destructive power of the _____ state
In 1945, fifty nations joined together to estanlish the _____ _____
United Nations
Similar to major empires of the past, the United States after the second world war provided a kind of _____ to a war weary world
Pax Americana
The United States provided more that $12 billion to rebuild Europe under the ___ plan
This leader proclaimed "an iron curtain has descended across the continent"
Winston Churchill
THe United STates created this alliance in 1949
In response the NATO, the Soviet Union established this among Eastern European communist satellite states.
Warsaw Pact
The Soviet blockade of this city in 1948 was circumvented by a United States airlift.
When the Soviet Union established nuclear missile bases in this nation in 1962, the world was on the brink of nuclear Armageddon
The USSR suffered its "Vietnam" in this nation, 1979-1989
In 1991, twelve of the fifteen former members of the USSR formed this regional organization
Commonwealth of Independent States
The United Nations agency that deals with issues susch as territorial rights.
World COurt
The United Nations agencty that provides financial assistance to developing antions is the____ _____.
World Bank
In 1997 RUssia joined this group of powerful industiral nation known today as the_-_
This cartel, led by Saudi Arabia, was founded in 1960.
The ratification of the Treaty of Maastricht in 1993 converted the European Community into the ______ ______.
European Union
This nation divided into six republics and bloody warfare following the death of Marshal TIto and the collapse of communism in 1989.
Rev. Martin LUther King, Jr. adapted non-violent protest marches and sit-ins from this man.
This authors book, The Feminine Mystique, addressed American homemakers who wer ebeginning to seek jobs and careers outside the home.
Betty Friedman
This UN agency monitors and researches health conditions.
World Health Organization (WHO)