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service industry
work that provides a service
decline of virginia's agricultural society
old system of farming no longer effective
low crop prices
Growth of Virginia's Cities
moved from rural to urban for job opportunities
transportation advances helped cities grow-roads, railroads, streetcars
a negative opinion formed without proof
civil rights
te individual rigts of citizens to be treated equally under the law
Civil Rights Movement
an organized manner to achieve the individual rights of all citizens to be treated equally under the law
an unfair difference int he treatment of people
Separate but Equal
people of different races would remain segregated but have equal rights
boycotts and sit ins
to refuse to buy products or conduct business or have contact with a person , grop, country or product: protest by sitting down
flll equality of all races in the use of public places
abolishment of reacial segregation
Maggie L Walker
First American Bank Presodent in the US
Born in Va 1867-1934
Harry F Byrd
Bor in Winchester Va in 1887

U.S. SEnator from Va then eleceted governor of va
Pay as you go plolicy-did not believe into going into debt
LED a MAssive Resistance Movement against the integration of public schoools
(didn't want blacks and whites together ins chool}
Arthur Ashe
Born in Richmond 943
Famous tennis player-African American
spoke for civil rights for all people
L. Douglas Wilder
Born 1931 Richmond, Va
1st AFrican American State senator after reconstruction
Served on General ASsembly
1990 First African American governor of VA
General assembly=LEgislative branch of govt
makes laws-divided into SEnate and House of REpresentatves
Executive Branch-led by governor
makes sure laws are carried out
judicial branch-court system
decideds cases on people who break the law