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1660s. LeVau- archit. Le Brun-int design. LeNotre- landscapes. Mansart- fin. archit.
Apollo and the Nymphs
Girardon 1760s. marble sculpture in gardens of Versailles
The Grand Dauphin
Coysevox. 1680. marble bust
Marie de Medici portraits
1620s. Peter Paul Rubens.
King Henry IV Looking at Portrait of Marie.
Birth of Louis XIII
Burial of Phocion
Poussin. 1650.
Holy Family on the Steps
Poussin. 1650.
Portrait of Louis XIV
Rigaud. 1704.
Quarrel of the Cabmen
Gillot. 1700.
The Italian Commedians
Watteau 1720s.
The Gilles Figure
Watteau 1715
Le Mezzetin
Watteau. 1715. playing mandolin
Watteau 1715. man in courtly attire
The Embarassing Proposal
Watteau. 1715.
Watteau. 1715. man trying to iss girl.
Le Finette
Watteau 1715. woman playing mandolin
The Country Ball.
Watteau. 1715.
The Shepherds.
Watteau. 1715. simple country life
The Singing Lesson
Watteau. 1715. not chaperoned. man and woman.
Pilgrimage to Cythera
Watteau. 1717.
Gersaint's Signboard
Watteau. 1720.
The Cup of Chocolate
Lancret. 1740. in garden.
Fete in a Park
Pater 1720. student of watteau. nude venus.
On the Terrace.
Pater? 1720. terrace of country home.
The Fox Hunt.
Desportes. 1720. dogs and fox, no ppl
The Dead Wolf
Oudry. 1720.
The Grand Dauphin and his Family.
Mignard 1680. son of louis xiv. history painting.
Susanna at her Bath.
Santerre. 1700.
Perseus and Andromeda
Coypel. 1730. she on rock, cyclops.
Jason and Medea.
DeTrois. 1742. love of gods.
Hercules and Omphale
LeMoyne. 1720s. not feathery stye.
Reading from Moliere
DeTrois. 1730.
Raising of Azarus
Jouvenet. 1706. like Poussin. ennoble.
The Death of St. Scholastica.
Restout. 1730.
Adoration of the Shepherds
1730. Restout. dark like light.
Venus Asking Vulcan for Arms for Aeneas.
Boucher. 1730. graduation piece.
Portrait of Madame de Pompadour
Boucher. 1760. mistress of louis xv
Madame Boucher
Boucher. 1740. posed sim as pompadour, informal, mid-class.
The Love Letter
Boucher. 1750. two girls.
Cupid, A Captive
Boucher. 1750.
Venus Consoling Love.
Boucher. 1750.
The Triumph of Venus.
Boucher. 1740. seascape.
Allegory of Painting.
Boucher. 1750.
Allegory of Music.
Boucher. 1750.
Le Peche Chinoise
Boucher. 1740. oriental scene
Landscape with Watermill.
Boucher. 1740.
1740. Boucher. up-mid-class scene.
Self-Portrait with Spectacles
Chardin. 1770.
Still Life with Sting Ray
Chardin. 1730.
The Copper Cistern.
Chardin. 1740.
Still Life with Game.
Chardin. 1760. rabbit into plane
Still Life with White Mug
Chardin. 1760.
Back from the Market
Chardin. 1740. eavesdropping
Portrait of Madame Chardin
Chardin. 1750s. looking out.
Attributes of the Arts
Chardin. 1766. classical fig.
The Governess
Chardin. 1740. reprimanding boy.
The Kitchen Maid
Chardin. 1740.
Soap Bubbles
Chardin. 1730. vanitas
The Attentive Nurse.
Chardin. 1740. making breakfast.
Girl with a Badminton
Chardin. 1740.
The Blessing.
Chardin. 1740. two daughters with m other.
The Draftsman.
Chardin. 1740.
The Young Schoolmistress
Chardin 1740.
A Group of Beggars
Ceruti. 1700.
The Porter
Ceruti. 1740s.
The Card Game
Ceruti. 1740s. country inn scene
Courtyard scene
1710. Crespi. post and lintel.
Peasants Playing Instruments.
Crespi. 1710.
Peasants with Donkey
Crespi. 1710.
The Confession of the Queen of Bohemia
Crespi. 1730s.
The Artist in his Studio.
1740. Crespi. seated, painting unseen.
The Flea Hunt
Crespi. 1740.